Borders eReader App For Android Launches Alongside eBook Store


These days, it seems like your eBook platform or store isn’t cool unless you have an app to go along with it. Kobo and Amazon – two big players in this game – have already launched their respective apps, and now Borders wantss to get in on that fun, as well.

BORDERS_LOGOTheir recently opened eBook Store isn’t as cool without the ability to take all of your downloads on the go. With that comes an Android app that ties right into that newfound goodness. The app is only available in the United States and you will need Android 2.0 or higher to use it (I know, I know).

For more information, head on over to Borders now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Any ideas on when we’ll get a Nook book reader? Shouldn’t be too hard to “port” over……

  2. Installing now. If I can search and buy books from the app then they’ve got a leg up on the Kindle app for me.

  3. Funny how the Nook is built with Android yet there’s no Nook app for the Android Marketplace. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a “port” but the developers likely have an idea of how the OS works–at least enough to build a whole eBook Reader device around it!

  4. Phil, in the kindle app, press menu then “kindle store” and you can shop and download books from the app.

  5. I actually work for Borders and we just had to look at some packets about this new eBook store that is coming online. It is tight because it is open. Anything that is bought can be virtually read on any device. Unlike some, iPad, that cannot be read on any device. It also showed a list of devices that it would be able to work with and it actually stated that the HTC Magic (G1) with Android 1.5 will support this app.

  6. *HTC Magic (My Touch) hahaha, wasn’t thinking. :)

  7. Does anyone Know if the app for the droid works well?

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