Video-Out on the Samsung Galaxy S via 3.5mm Headphone Jack


From everything we can gather, the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S will feature video-out only via wireless DLNA technology. That’s pretty cool and cuts back on having to purchase additional accessories, though if you don’t own a DLNA compliant television and aren’t in the market for a new one it is pretty much a lost feature. Now, this isn’t confirmed for any of the four Galaxy S phones hitting the states, but the international version does have wired video-out via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

It isn’t anything like the HD video quality you’ll get from an HDMI-out or even the DLNA link, but it does provide you with a one to one representation of everything you are doing on your phone, including recorded videos and the like. Does it stack up to the HD outputs of the EVO and Droid X? HDBlog.it put together a video review of the feature, so check it out and decide for yourself.

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  1. Korean Galaxy S (M110S) seems not to have TV-out via 3.5mm audio jack. Don’t know about US one.

  2. Can someone test this out on the european one? What would the quality be like? Thanks.

  3. your own portable console with a controller !!

  4. It is not necessarily the case that DLNA is only of interest to people with DLNA-compatible TVs or those buying new TVs. XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Moxi DVR, and various Blu-Ray players can stream content via DLNA, although support for specific media formats varies.

  5. I’m surprised that Phandroid is only reporting this now. I’ve seen a video of this at work about two weeks ago or so. I just preordered my Vibrant at the Shack this morning and I hope that they (whoever they migh be) don’t yank that feature out of the T-Mobile version. It would be a very silly thing to do – I am looking forward to playing some games on my phone while connected to the TV.

  6. Nice! exactly what i wanted. U.S. please get this.

  7. @George of the Jungle.. i was saying the same thing. no one had any comments when i was asking questions about the dlna. i just got 46″ sharp aquos back in december and it isnt dlna enabled . so like the article says”its a lost feature”. not only is it missing the camera flash,ffc now the dlna is pretty much USELESS for most consumers!! I old yall this phone was WACK for the VIBRANT that is!! SMH

  8. aren’t there DLNA boxes you can connect to your tv? Thought I read up on em and they weren’t that expensive…

  9. I thought all of the Galaxy S line included Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI… This video shows what looks to be vanilla android?? A little confused…

  10. @ kbrob

    You can download skins to skin over touchwiz.

    Here is another video showing the tv out feature:


  11. @ kbrob he’s using a app call launcher pro from the android market… which i will also be downloading for my vibrant. i really don t like that touch wiz shit!! also @David you saying if you got a ps3 you can use DLNA? if so that would be great!!

  12. Does anyone else have the problem on european TVs the TV output produces a jumpy grey blur with no sound. (I am using the PAL settting+ Tv output has never worked for me before

  13. @problem – I am having the same issues. I can see a bit of the video but it is blurred, black and white and not stable. It looks like a black and white version of an analog cable scrambled channel. Wasn’t sure if it was my cable or what but I was able to plug my vid cam and it works fine. Still looking for a resolution.

  14. I’m using Samsung Captivate (AT&T version) and having the same fuzzy black and white output but sound is working. I have to plug my Yellow and White cables into audio (which are normally red and white) and Red into Video (which is normally yellow) otherwise it doesn’t work at all.

  15. I just figured it out…. the plugs on my tv set would accept either component (Red, Green, Blue, and L/R audio) or composite (Red, Yellow, White) through the same plugs and I had to go into the settings on my TV and change it so that it would auto-detect whether I was using it as composite or component. When it was giving the black fuzzy picture, it was set to strictly accept component video input. (Also, keep in mind that I have Red plugged into the spot for Yellow).

  16. I can stream photos and music from my samsung epic to my playstation3 but the playstation says it doesnt support video(from the one I shot on the phone). Any suggestions?

  17. Here it is what I found out. I had a probelm with connecting Galaxy S -> TV out. weird noise and black sreen flickering. I lost my mind because I bought a fancy expensive camcoder cable to connect my Samsung Galaxy S with TV (I found out that video player reads subtitle files on videos) to watch movies since I sold my previous media center computer and now I have none to play movies on my TV.

    OK after playing with the cable, and conecting half my other gadgets it seemed that cable is working flawlessly, except on Galaxy. So what I did is I pulled a little 3.5″ jack out of phone and turn it so I got the perfect picture, and for sound just fine tune it by turning it in 360 degree.
    I watched the whole movie and no problem.
    It might be a problem if you want to play games because you will have phone in your hands and move it a lot so have to be careful about the cable. But for movies it is ok.
    Hope this will help some1.

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