Android 2.2 Get A Piece of the Pie, Platform Versions Chart Updated



Google just updated their platform version distribution figures including a new graph showcasing historical trends. While we can all moan and complain as much as we want about how “slowly” updates have been rolled out to older devices, the trending paints a picture of an OS version that has quickly grown  (in the grand scheme of things) to hold the majority share at 53 percent. Also new to the data is the inclusion of Android 2.2 popping in at 1.8 percent. Older versions of Android (1.0 and 1.1) are now considered obsolete and take up a marginal fraction of the Android space. The figures should be changing more drastically in the coming month with a rumored Android 2.2 update for the Droid.


[via Google]

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  1. Lookin’ good.

  2. YAY! woohoo go 1.5 good job motorola

    ~motorola cliq~

  3. I gots mine Froyo. FRF91 on unrooted Nexus. Gave it the old manual treatment as I was too impatient. FYI, FROYO IS AWESOME!!!!!

  4. I got my Froyo goodness today, OTA! Unrooted Nexus One(AT&T). Quadrant benchmark went from 542 to 1292! All hail Android!!!

  5. More pieces more trouble

  6. 2.2 on my G1, custom blend baby!

  7. FRF91 came OTA last night. I’ve been playing games on Kongregate all through the day. My Nexus One remains snappy, doesn’t get too hot, and has kept its battery as well as before. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t ditched his iPhone yet. They don’t know all the fun Apple is sheltering them from.

  8. DSTL1 needs 2.2 so bad, so tired of 1.6 :(

  9. I’m still using CM 5.0.8, aka Eclair-style ROM, but CM 6.0 should be out pretty soon, should see the hacker community jump those 2.2 numbers.

  10. @Gerg

    I’m sure these are phones with “official” versions on them. I don’t think rooted phones with custom ROMS will change these charts.

  11. When will the MyTouch 3G get 2.2 as promised….after 3.0 is released ? I hope not. Guess if I want Froyo anytime soon I will have to get a Nexus One. But then again I’m waiting on TMO to release the N1. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. :(

  12. Got 2.2 frf91 ota update this morning! very nice.

  13. Yep, FR91 OTA hit my N1 today too. Love the improved responsiveness! Android is really maturing.

  14. I have an unrooted Nexus, and I’m still waiting. What’s the hang up? They really need to stop announcing updates far before they are ready. I know they were trying to take some of the wind out of Apple’s sails, but to have to wait for a month and a half while “leaked”ROMs spread like ghetto Santa Claus gifts when I paid $564 just to avoid such nonsense is highly irritating.

  15. Wow you can see the droid eris froyo rollout on th
    at graph. Looks like we’re close to 15-20% if the market, surprising.

  16. @Ryan I believe you are wrong: When you access the Android Market, you will be able to download some programs based on what Android version you are running. CM5 is running Éclair so will count as a 2.1 entry. And I think Market access is where Google pulls the numbers from.
    @Tkeith are you sure there wasn’t a launch of a new 2.1 phone interfering (like DINC)? moreover, the market is growing over time, so 15% at day 1 may be 10% the next, so to say.

  17. Got froyo for my nexus one last night automatically over wifi!! was so surprised and pleased. Now I can acces ANY website regardless of it being based on flash. That’s the whole point of not chosing iphone. No need to cross fingers for the website to have a mobile version. There’s the quick android version of stuff and the COMPLETE web version of EVERYTHING. So convenient and soo cool..

  18. @Ratnok They announced 2.2 to the developer community, so they (we) had a chance to test against it, and incorporate the new features into their apps. I guess they announced it to the users last monday.

  19. dude, 2.1 sucks, its been lagging, restarting my hero, when is the 2.2 coming out for it, and when can i get it, fix the problems android! come on!!!

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