Some Early, Official Facts About the Samsung Vibrant


Even though we’re a couple of days away from the official announcement, T-Mobile’s ready to start offering up some early specs and details about the device. The device is everything that we already know it to be: a revised Samsung Galaxy S.


4.0-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot HD video, and all of this packed into a thin offering: nothing out of the ordinary compared to AT&T’s Samsung Captivate or the actual Samsung Galaxy S. One weird plus T-Mobile’s boasting is that the phone will take advantage of their HSPA+ network, but the device itself is not an HSPA+ capable device. Not sure how that works, but we’ll roll with it.

When that countdown at T-Mobileclue.com ends in a couple of days, we’ll be all over it for more full details.

[T-Mobile via Android Central]

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  1. Interesting to see they’ve dropped the 4-way navigation from this version, that the international version does have (compare with http://www.pdashop.nl/product/101557/samsung-galaxy-s-i9000.html)

  2. It means it will be compatible with the HSPA+ network, but it wont use the network’s max speeds.

  3. let’s not forget that it will have Touchwiz, which means when Samsung decides to stop supporting it, the Android Community will have no recourse to resolve this.

    Don’t buy Samsung unless you want a dead end smart phone.

  4. Unfortunately this is very nearly a ‘show-stopper’ for me. Why would I want to buy a phone that doesn’t take advantage of the (albeit limited so far) carrier’s highest speed networks?

  5. It looks like Samsung are running out of ideas.

  6. Yeah I’ll pass thank you very much.
    Samsung yet again shoots themselves in the foot.
    Why would anyone want a Samsung product now ?
    First it was new releases that cant receive Android updates,
    and now a new release that cant take advantage of TMO’s new higher speeds.

    What Samsung ?


  7. these are silly comments…no phones will be able to take advantage of HSPA+ until the fall at the earliest, possibly not even then.

    Since nobody comes anywhere close to even getting 7.2MB/s, even on WiMax, if you can get 7.2MB/s on this phone you will be might happy

  8. A sales rep at t-mobile told me that all 3g phones will take advantage of hspa+

  9. I rather get the Euro version with the front mounted camera

  10. HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps

    This is HSPA+ at 7.2 thats what it means. Wont take full advantage of 21Mbps.

    G1 chugs along between 1.8Mpbs to 4.4Mpbs with spurts up to 7.2

    N1 runs smoothly at 5.2Mbps
    Galaxy Vibrant should be a tad faster due to the technology underneath

    In comparison:

    iPhone 4G barely gets 1.8Mpbs…
    3GS/3G top out at 1.2Mpbs

    There are many iPhone fans that boast 4 Mbps, all the ones that have met up with me have done so with WIFI, not with 3G connectivity.

    All in All Android is faster, superior and with features that Apple fans drool on. So no worries, this is not bad.

  11. kelmerp knows exactly what he/she is talking about. There are currently ZERO HSPA+ devices and there wont be (for what is considered) a very long time (in the mobile phone world).

    If you get this device and get 7.2 mbps you’ll be getting more data than even Sprint’s 4G/WiMax users are currently, even though HSPA+ has download speeds of up to 21mbps (theoretically).

  12. what a waste!stormrider81 your not alone. im looking on exansys.com for my next upgrade . if i wait for mobile for a great phone i will be waiting forever. this was the straw. they took out the one of the best and new features out, the ffc. knowing tmobile they took out the dlna too. effn idiots . DOWN with T-homo!!

  13. @stormrider81 do you know if the Euro Version will work on t-mobile in the US?

  14. I am jumping from my T-Mobile ship the day that the Samsung Galaxy S Pro hits Sprint….My entire family is on Sprint and not only will I be able to get a 4G qwerty monster (w/flash & FFC) but more importantly my bill will drop from $94/month to a measly $30/month on a family plan….Thanks T-Mobile but cost and innovation is too hard to pass up….You will be missed :)

  15. I work for Tmo and HSPA+ just works on most current 3g devices. It does not require a special antenna to get the higher speeds. I had a customer in one of our markets report to me that he noticed a big speed increase on his HD2 after we launched HSPA+ there.

  16. A front facing camera is a novelty at best. All a FFC does in my eyes is increase the MSRP. Who’s going to walk around holding there phone in front of there face? The Galaxy S is one of the most powerful Android devices poised to release this year. I would rather have a powerful CPU/GPU combo than a front facing camera.

  17. Yeah, the front facing camera is basically a novelty, I agree with ObsceneJesster.

    You guys can’t forget that Samsung plans to roll out the Galaxy S to 100 countries by the end of summer, it could show up somewhere in the US.

  18. @watter the ffc isnt a gimmick. if it was a gimmick then have them on the galaxy s and then remove it. so tmobile and samsung clearly shows that they can remove features if they want obviously. take away the SUPERamoled and the ffc and hdmi output.I dont know what a regualar amoled screen loos like so why would i care about a SUPER on.FFC have been standard in many phones in europe for over 4 YEARS.Americans are so behind in the times whn it comes to tech. if it was up to WATTER and his crew we’d still have ROTARY phones because like you said its just a gimmick.Im a tech person and i want the best avail.I work hard for what i want so dont get mad at because i sai i want something and pissed that tmobile isnt delivereing. any g1’ers out there pissed like i am? anoher FAIL from tmobile and the phone hasnt been officailly announced thats just sad. I thought tmobile was baed out of europe so why are we getting these wack ass american variants. You know what im done alking about tmobile and there stoopid ass decisions.. im going ot to sprint for bad customr service,high bills. atleast they care about moving on getting the newsest of the avail tech. peace out t-homo

  19. ObsceneJesster shut up! what msrp. every other company has all those same features as the GALAXY S and is still only charging $199. what the hell are you talking about. if anything they could taken out the SUPER amoled screen and gave us the ffc. thats a fair swap. most people dont knlow what an amoled screen looks like so why do i care about it being super? if you as me the SUPER amoled is a gimmick and ran up the msrp. they also proabably took out the dlna i bet.tmobile will lose more customers because fatal things like that. tmobile wishes its phone could sell like the evo ,droid,incredible and ip4. te reason why they wll never is because of bad marketing,wack phones.This is a PHONE service. the phone service will speak for itself but if the hardware sucks then what?LAst i checked ObsceneJesster tmobile was in the PHONE selling business so there job is to sell PHONES.The problem is that tmobile doesnt watch the market. if this wouldve come out last year with the droid it wouldve been a hit!the only i havent left is because the bill is lower then the other companies but trust me im getting a govt job shortly. whe i do i will cancel this phone service with the quickness. i dont care about a ETF!! tmobile are filled ith chimps. How did tmobile allow Sprint to come back and be above them in phone sells.Sprint was on its last leg before Hess came into the fold. Maybe Dan Hess needs to work for Tmobile because atleast he stepped u his company and phone portfoli in less than a year!! smh.

  20. coolmandingo, no one can ever take you and your arguments seriously when you type like a 7 year old girl. spell words out and corectly, use correct punctuation, etc, and maybe i will listen to what you have to say. trying to read that wall of text as is gives me a headache.

  21. @Phoenix – You’ll notice this is a common characteristic. A vast majority of the people who are whining about this phone write like children. Poor grammar and spelling, poor sentence structure, demonstrable lack of critical thinking ability. I think it’s the biggest selling point of this phone: people who actually understand technology like it.

  22. @phoenix… LMAO my bad ! i dont take this fone i mean phone cap seriously ! you get the message thats all that counts to me. on the real,my bad for the bad grammar ,punctuation. and do you mean “CORRECTLY” ! lol all im trying to say is tmobile needs Dan Heis(ceo of sprint).He took that company from the morgue to back to the living in less than 2 years.Im just pissed that we get rehashes of great things. When i first heard of the galaxy s, i was happy to hear that thre was going to be a ffc.I was not so happy about the dlna(kind of like a hdmi connection but wireless).Knowing tmobile this feature was removed too. Tmobile is in the phone selling business.So why arent they trying their bst to come out with best to get those ip4,incredible,evo,droid ect numbers(with no returns like wha i did with the HD2).Im tired of people saying its not that serious about the ffc. If the ffc wasnt that serious why did tmobile remove it?Like i said before id rather have ffc instead of the SUPER amoled screen.Amoled is probably just great.By now tmobile should know we dont care about movies being on a phone as selling tool. did it work with the Hd2? uuuhh no t didnt. The phone sucked because of the winmo 6.5. Tmobile needs to remember is its a European based company and give us the unchanged,unmodified ect. devices that Euro’s are getting. Stop removing vital features that will keep american families connected.Texting and pic messing is cool. ffc is even better because i could be able to see my family in miami. I live all the way in md. So i dont always have time to see my fam. thats why the ffc would be great for me.everyone else is saying no one wants to see someone in the bathroom. thats you business what you do when your making a call.i want it because its a cool feature.Tmobile you bunch of effn monkeys screwed up again and i cant wait for your company o fold for your stupidity! T-homo

  23. Why the hell is everyone blaming Samsung? They aren’t the ones that give the final decisions of what a phone should have. It’s the carrier. If these Samsung had a choice, they would unleash an international version of all there phones that they have made for Korea. Blame T-Mobile, not Samsung.

  24. @ Bobomo… chill out! when i feel like riting i mean writing i will. I does i mean i do as i please. I doesnt i mean.. you get my drift. youre probabaly one of those homo’s that will buy this phone.youre a settling limp prick.im a tmobile customer that wont settle for less. work hard for my crack and hoe money(im kidding dumb ass).i work hard for my money and want the best that i see everyone else has. i want what the original has ,point blank. dont judge me because i fill i mean feel like writing the way i do. if your monkey ass dont get it ,kick rocks in trafffic.

  25. Yeah ffc is a complete novelty. Some folks are getting all riled up due because they want to keep up with the jones’. A lot of people I know don’t have time to place a call or make sure the other person gets the call, so they text message. So now you’re telling me because you have an ffc, now you’re gonna make a video call? Seriously?

  26. Sales Rep told me its not coming out until August

  27. @zeo… yes i would! just becaue your old ass wouldnt doesnt mean i wouldnt. you probably still have an analog tv. still have a rotary phone dont you. its not the jones’s idiot. it not all about keeping all the features intact.

  28. I feel pretty letdown by this variant os what was gonna be a really killer “superphone”. So long Tmobile, hello again Sprint, EVO FTW!!!!
    I really was hoping it was hspa+ capable and it kept the ffc. I would have even dealt with crappy ole touchwiz. Tmobile really dropped the ball.

  29. does the phone have a flash? there were rumors it would not

  30. @coolMandingo I seriously think you’re going to find the ffc not as cool or useful as you think it is. But hey, if that’s what floats your boat, go for it. There are other carriers you can jump ship to and they’re all excellent phones. The Evo is fantasic, the Droid X looks amazing and the iPhone looks excellent as well.

  31. Ok, the way I see it is that it kinda sucks that features are being left out. Is a ffc an absolute necessity, probably not. Is a flash necessary that depends, if its xenon flash that’s great but if its led flash, that I could do without. If its a so called superphone then it should have all the features possible at that time. When you take stuff out it goes from being a superphone to maybe a high end smartphone. I would get this phone anyway but I still have a year on my contract.

  32. @zeo…. my apologies but i had to vent for a second. i just want to get the device exactly how it was shown(galaxy s). i think i would use . trust me i would. i have family in haiti and in miami. i dont get to see my family like most people so being able to see them in live video is something that is cool and great. no one can judge another man intentions unless your helping him with it.so you trying to tell me video chat on a computer is a gimmick too?i remember when most people got cameras on their phones and it was gimmick now look at the face of he mobile market. show me one person in america that has a phone without a camera on their phone.with enough exposure it becomes the norm. most companies these days cant sell a phone without a camera. name me 1 successful selling phone thats(thats been out in the last 2 years) out that doesnt have camera?

  33. @coolmandingo, hey no problem. Keep in mind this is just my opinion, the way I see it the ffc is video chat on mobile devices. AT&T has been trying to sell that concept since the late 60’s and it’s never really taken off, even after webcams. It’s still pretty niche. The ffc could become a mainstream feature and probably will be since Apple put it on the iPhone, but I think its usage will be limited. But I could be completely wrong and video chat could take off now that it’s on mobile devices with the bandwith to support the feature.

    But I see how it’s an important feature for you. Given your situation and if you want to remain on Tmobile, why not mail them a letter? Written letters often get more attention because of the time it takes to write and mail it in. You never know, it may pay off with a decision to add or keep the feature on a future device.

  34. Calm down everybody, I have a g1 and this is the best thing tmo has offered in two years so can’t we be just alittle happy. I have never needed a flash I have never wanted a FCC all I want is a good n fast phone with and android os. Samoled screen is awesome and if tmo actually gets that rumored bad ass htc phone Ima buy that too. Atleast there trying, toke them two years but it’s a start

  35. Samsung is capable of the everything phone: the galaxy pro for Sprint. So it is a good question why t-mobile can’t get the same deal. The other question is…what about Verizon? Droid X doesn’t have a FFC either and we haven’t heard of any version of galaxy for them.

  36. @cool-lessmanDUMBO-tired of seeing your silly TMO bashing, Android-hating posts on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. WinMo is waiting for you..Do you believe that anyone really cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? Dude, we’re reading the same updates as you. What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you continually post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO potentially, has to bring to their table. Jump ship & whine on some OTHER site, 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carrier’s game, depending on their lineup. Big hint: there will likely be a better phone within 4 months of the last greatest phone. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. You bring nothing to this conversation-Move on. Overit.

  37. @coolmandingo….Is your primary language English? It sounds like you would benefit from a Evo or a iPhone if video calling is one of the main features you are looking for in a phone. If you ever saw a AMOLED display in direct sunlight you would understand just how important a Super AMOLED display is. I can assure you it’s not a gimmick. Not only does it look much better in direct sunlight but it is also more touch responsive because they built the touch sensors and display into one sheet of glass. That’s also what makes the phone so thin. I see you also called me a idiot regarding my comment about the front facing camera jacking up the MSRP. You say that all of the mobile operators are charging the same price of $199.

    Well IDIOT $199 is not the MSRP, that is the subsidized price for signing a 2 year contract. The MSRP value is the full price of the phone without signing a contract. I am guessing it will be somewhere around $600. If you don’t think the MSRP will be affected by removing a front facing camera than you better think twice about calling people idiot’s. I don’t like the freedom of roaming from carrier to carrier so I never sign a contract.

    Not every smart phone built today needs to have a front facing camera. I would say most smart phone buyers have no use for a front facing camera.

    In the end I am glad T-Mobile removed it. I don’t want everyone and there mother sucking up all of the bandwidth while video calling there family in Haiti. Use your computer for shit like that or I’m gonna laugh at your ass while you hold your walking down the street holding your phone in front of your face.

  38. Nexus One is still the best phone for tmobile


  40. Sursly, stfu.

  41. Too funny. I can talk circles around you & Guess its a good thing I AM a chic. But I’ll let her know that small time has been shown up by a girl. LOL. Thanks for the laugh, Corky.

  42. Not having a ffc or supporting Hspa+ is disapointing but not a deal breaker. The real deal breaker is not having a flash, offering a degraded variant to t-mobile and of course the real deal breaker still that this phone is made by samsung. Why will anyone buy from them when they do not support or update the os on their handset. If you settle for less then this phone is for you.

  43. cooMANDINGO…. umadbro?

  44. The tower my my house is HSPA+ already, and the rest of the OKC metro is suppose to be ready by the end of next month. But ya, not a fan of Samsung. Anyone know of another “super phone” that might be coming you soon?

  45. Oh, I have also seen several sites that have tested Tmo HSPA+ against Sprints 4G, results show that tmo is faster.

  46. just a sttriaght out iphone
    it looks pperty sickk tho

  47. Does T-Mobile even support video calling? I’m not the most informed tech guy but I thought the ffc on the Iphone could only be used via wi-fi, I’m guessing because of bandwith issues. And doesn’t sprint charge evo owners a $10 surcharge for data. If this is right then it sounds to me like dropping the ffc was a good thing. Now not having a flash for the regular camera might be a mistake. Do the international versions have a flash? because the Galaxy S pro rumored to be going to sprint supposedly has a flash.

  48. @gotandroid
    I don’t think video calling has to do with the carrier, I know Skype announced that with a new update they’ll be bringing it to Skype for Android. Also, the international Galaxy S doesn’t have a flash.

  49. At child molester jester. Calm your monkey ass down. Your talking to your father. These kids have no respect for their parents. Its not serious idiot ,its a phone. I pay tmobile monkey ass so I have th right to say whatever please. Go tend your dying mother!

  50. ill be ok with my N1 until the Twist comes out, until then I’ll just enjoy my FroYo.

  51. ffc is not a killer for this phone. first of all i don’t want a ffc if I can’t see who I am talking to. Meaning most people do not have a ffc on their phone. The only bulk that will are the new iPhones but they can only participate amonst themselves on a wi-fi. So in reality you will probably never use the ffc.

  52. I agree with everyone the FFC is not a deal breaker especially for me….I have no desire to video chat on my phone.

    So it’s true that the Vibrant can’t receive updates?

    Anyways lets look on the bright side….this thing shoots 720p HD video!

  53. @coolIMANDINGO…..You called me a monkey? That’s classic. Aren’t you the one from Haiti? How old are you anyway? You have the punctuation skills of my 7 year old son.

    By the way, my mother is still alive and kicking. Maybe your relatives won’t live through the next earthquake.

  54. Tell him, obscenejester, coollessmandumbo, is full of hot air & nothing worth reading. You speak for all of us-why hasn’t his hating self moved on to Sprint? Maybe, because his cheap self knows he cannot afford to. That, & Sprint has It’s own issues with their Evo & signal.

  55. ObsceneJesster.. LMAO…. tell your mother i will be over later to kick it with her since shes still kicking. and as far as the earthquake it is what it is. I hope your son grows up to be a child molesting fag like you! I hope you get cancer in left eye. yeah i called you a monkey. you took all this isht serious. don you ever respond to anything else i say . i write and rite and tipe and type whatever i feel. take your you monkey ass on.

  56. i want to apologize to the other viewers of this site for the above post.ObsceneCHILDmolester disrespected me so i saw fit to retaliate.Like i said before i dont really care about this phone bizness. i just felt mad about tmobile and what they were doing with the samsung vibrant.i posed my views and the molester said something slick to me so i had to respond to him.point blank!once again im sorry for my comments. i will never stoop to that molesters level ever again.

  57. Why get this when TMO is rumored to get a dual processor superphone later this year?

  58. No BASHING on tmobile today. I guess they had to get rid of the DLNA too huh? I mean I don’t have dlna enabled devices but whatever.not hspa,no ffc,no dlna,no tv output NO BUY! I’m only speaking for myself ofcourse.I read that the US celluar version is getting the DLNA. Smh

  59. Androidess… pump your brakes and put your balls on ice.no one is talking to you.stop cosigning with bad credit. Your mother actually pays my phone bill that’s why I have a tmobile phone other than that I would have sprint. So tell your mother to have my evo ready when I get out of work or its to old folks home for her. Now I’m done with dissing people. Stop dissing me and I will do the same. If y’all wanna get slick I will do the same!!!

  60. Yawn…blah, blah, blah…coolessmandumbass, Sprint is open this morning-you can use my credit & get off Flex Pay, so burn up, sweetie.

  61. Hun, don’t bother responding to that idiot. His childish posts above and on other articles are rhetorical.(he doesn’t even know what that word is.) He’s more than proven that he was ill-conceived and his father’s biggest regret. Unfortunately, he will stay with TMO and FP because he won’t be able to afford Sprint’s deposit. Just ignore his future posts, as the rest of us do.

  62. Amen! Seriously, he should write/vent to Dear Abby or anyone else who’d care! This phone is very compelling and I’m excited about TMO’s future line-It’s only going to get better from here on out. Thanks, Phandroid for continually putting out the great info!

  63. So, on the topic of the post…

    I also am disappointed with the lack of front facing camera. I have in-laws in another country and even if I only used it on wifi the ability to have a chat on my phone without the need to boot up the computer is pretty nice. I am currently leaning towards picking up the international version of the Galaxy S. I have a phone with a physical keyboard right now and I decided for my next phone I don’t want it. The virtual keyboard is a little awkward but I think the physical space saved is worth it.

    I would like to see a xenon flash. I currently have LED flash and it is pretty crappy. Xenon flash would be best but it seems to be a rare feature right now, so no flash is best in my opinion.

  64. I don’t know if it has been posted yet, but tmo will be receiving this phone on july 21st(located on engadget). Also be sure to be on the look out for custom android roms if your interested in removing all the samsung/tmobile preloaded stuff.

  65. God bless you all!

  66. @coolMandingo.. you to need to chill out.
    this will be a great offering from T-mobile. I can’t wait to preorder mine.

  67. wow, what’s happened to Phandroid, never seen so much bashing of each other.
    Starting to look like Engadget in here.
    You all know we’re here to support Android, no matter what device it’s on!!!

  68. @elijahblake… Amen! i guess for some people the disappointment of this and other devices alike really triggered a nerve (especially if youre a long time tmo customer and g1 owner).We all know T-mobile is trying to keep up with teens with the social networks forgetting the adults paying for the bills. for the longest time their biggest seller was the sidekick series. now since the sidekick is out, their now looking for a new foothold.

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