[Update] HD2 Closer to Stealing Android, EVO Steals HD2’s Car Mount


We still haven’t seen Sprint or Best Buy launch the more desirable accessories we’re expecting (such as the HDMI dock and the official car mount) for the HTC EVO 4G. If you need a car mount and can’t wait until the middle part of the summer, then you could probably bend that HD2 car mount into a perfect fit.


HTCPedia modified the HD2’s car mount by moving the location of the USB charging port (built-in functionality) and breaking off one of the dock’s silver grips to make room for the EVO. A huge plus is that the Car Home-like Navigator app launches automatically when the phone is plugged into the dock. It’s probably not the prettiest solution for now, but it works (and I doubt you’ll be paying a good deal of attention to how your dock looks, anyway, what with all that screen real estate consuming your attention).

If we turn around to the other end of the spectrum, the HTC HD2’s getting closer to being hacked to run Android. The guys responsible for the project have made some great strides recently that puts the first bootable build of Android within arm’s length. They overcame some problems that the device’s chipset was giving them and tamed that HaRET tool (that allows you to boot into Linux) so it might not be long before you see the EVO-like device running an operating system that isn’t being sent to its deathbed.

[HTCPedia via GoodAndEVO, LinuxtoGo via Engadget]

[Update]: Just a quick update to let you guys know they’ve gotten a full installation of popular Linux distribution Ubuntu up and running on the HTC HD2, courtesy of a TwitPic. This isn’t directly Android related, but it means Android’s shot of being on the 4.3-inch beaut is just as promising. We’ll keep our eyes on the Twitter account that the image appeared on to keep an eye on further developments.

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  1. The HD2 is a great phone sans the OS. Why can’t (or doesn’t) the gurus at HTC just make an Adroid version of the HD2 for T-Mo?

  2. IF they can continue progress on getting HD2 on Android we’re going to see an explosion on eBay for those who can’t/won’t do this themselves and we may even see a surge that warrant’s T-mo to keep the product alive… I had hoped that this was possible but I had no idea someone would undertake this. That’s great news! Too bad I’ve left the GSM carriers for Verizon. Now more than ever I love my Incredible with the Droid X boot screen, MT Keyboard and holy smoke the improved battery life when you turn off the phone to charge it. Why hasnt this been an article already?

    HTC Droid Incredible battery life increases almost 100% when you Turn off your phone and charge it!! (we tend to just plug the phones in now and never turn them off even when we get them brand new… Remember back when the old phone instructions would tell you to charge it for 4 hours before power on?

  3. Great advice at the end of the last comment, battery knowledge is always good. I would like to see the icons in the car home navigator app work along-side accelerometer so the icons would become landscape. Other than that the functionality seems to be all there so bravo to the mod. I am gonna hold out until the true evo dock hits stores or Sprint…not to mention I still dont have my phone so there’s no reason to tease my Instinct with a fancy new dock.

  4. You have to admire the innovative developers for Android out there. The notion that they may have the ability to hack into a WinMo OS turning it into a function-able Android OS mind boggling!

    It should tell us once again to leave it up to the development community to fix such a poor decision on the part of the carrier (T-Mo should have never released this phone running WinMo, just stupid on their part).

  5. Love the HD2 design. I prefer it over the EVo’s touch-sensitive buttons. Wished it had Android.

  6. HD2 probably won’t get WP7 so it should get android instead.

  7. Seriously though where are all the cool accessories for this phone? I’m going to be getting one soon and I’d to buy a car dock for this. Sorry if I don’t feel like bending a HD2 dock to fit the EVO. This stuff should have been out when the phone came out.

  8. I have been using an old car dock that came with the Tom Tom GPS I bought for my Treo 650 back in the day (the kit was $300!!!!) It works great. I will see if I can find a source for it. I never realized that people weren’t just finding universal fit ones out there.

  9. @MonkeyCheese: I agree totally! It’s madness! The phone is supposed to be the flagship, and is pretty popular, and there are hardly any really cool accessories! Just in the past week are there some things on ebay….. sheesh! Brodit, Otterbox, etc are all taking their sweet ass time!

  10. Hello every one I’m a happy owner of a HD2 that I have running android 2.2 and it works super; the only problems were to fix the robot vice during calls I had to flash a cooked rom by miri. Only problem left is GPS and the buttons don’t light up. Took me about 2 hours to get it all done my I add I’m a 16 year old high-school student.

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