HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S Multitouch Compared


If the results of the following video hold any truth, the Samsung Galaxy S’ Super AMOLED screen may be just a little more than a beautiful looking piece of glass. Compared to the HTC Desire’s screen, at least, the multitouch tracking and response seems much better. Both points are read with little loss in tracking even when the two fingers cross over, something the Desire appears to struggle with at times. The overall response to multitouch input seems slightly more fluid on the Galaxy S, but don’t take my word for it. Check out the video from Frandroid below:

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  1. Nice, but absolutely irrelevant in daily use. The Desires Screen works very well.


  2. Really easy to see how much better the black levels are on the Samsung though

  3. It makes it better for gaming (if that is you want to do) if multitouch works properly. I like the responsivness of the multitouch of SGS

  4. I am curious if the AT&T version (Samsung Captivate) will have similar results since this is basically the same phone. (I know there is no FCC by the way.lol)

  5. beautiul! im alot happier about the Galaxy S comming to tmobile now ^^

  6. ownage

  7. that video is hilarious

  8. @R: absofreakinlutely NOT irrelevant! obviously the screen of the galaxy is much more responsive to MT input. also the MT-crossing issues from htc devices (i own one myself) are just weak! the missin accuracy is definitly a problem when you code MT apps. yeah i did write one allready and it’s really hard to get smooth zooming/etc. when the input is laggy! so htc: as long as yours screens are that weak i will buy (android) devices from other manufactures!

  9. I know this might sound a bit dumb but does android support multi touch, as in MORE THAN two inputs or only dual touch as such, as in two inputs? As for the vid thats atmels maxtouch for you.

  10. Samsung uses a screen from Atmel, I believe the HTC Incredible uses the same screen, so I’m hoping the Nexus 2 will have it also.

  11. the desire and nexus one both use synaptics clearpad 2000 sensors, which are flaky. newer htc models (such as the incredible) use the atmel maxtouch sensors which don’t exhibit the problems the n1 and desire have

  12. I believe the newer HTC (incredible & EVO) use the new Amtel chip, same as the Galaxy, not sure about the Desire though. One question I have been asking on different forums and was never able to get an answer..does Samsung Galaxy also support more than 2 points touch? The Amtel chip is suppose to support up to 10 points at the same time and Eclair support up to 8 points. However, so far the Incredible only support 2 points (as far as I can tell), so I am not sure if this is a driver issue and if that’s the case Samsung should be able to support 10 points as well. This is really important especially for games or game emulators.

  13. Can we see a multi-touch test on the Droid X? I’m curious of it that works this well

  14. desire is basically the nexus 1, right? The reason for the difference is that the new galaxy (along with evo and dinc) have the Atmel maXTouch sensor and the other phones were using an older sensor by synaptics
    People trying to make piano type apps for Droid and N1 realized that it just couldn’t be done since their sensors could only do 2 finger multitouch. With the new technology we should be able to play Rachmaninoff etudes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAb2nI2hVqk) on android tablets :)

  15. @Ban
    It depends on the phone. The OS is capable of handling it, but some screens are designed to only recognize dual inputs.


    there’s a list.

  16. Atmel theoretically can be infinite but phones has regulated it to 16 points. I wrote that also the point 1 and point 2 are totally incorrectly switched on the Desire. (those balls supposed to be on the guy’s fingers.)
    Anyways, you read more on my tech blog, where I said more than just showing the video: http://www.careace.net/2010/05/24/samsung-galaxy-s-vs-htc-desire-multitouch/

  17. That super AMOLED screen is looking rather amazing on the galaxy, to bad its a Samsung. I have the EVO coming from the Moment and the Instinct. I can tell you that there is no way in the world I will be getting another Samsung phone.

  18. Looks like when it comes to screen quality Samsung wins hands down in both looks and responsiveness.

  19. Do your research before buying any Samsung phone, you will see a lot of unhappy users left hanging with poor to nil customer support from Samsung.

  20. @R it does make a huge difference when you play games and you wand precise controls. But I would love to know how many finger does the galaxy s support…

  21. This is torture

  22. Damn it I don’t want to Galaxy S to be any good. I have to original Galaxy and just know that if I buy the Galaxy S they’ll end up just abandoning updates for it and I’ll be stuck on whatever it ships with… but it does look nice! :(

  23. @Ban
    Android supports up to 128 points. Well, It actually depends on the hardware. The Galaxy S’s screen supports up to 16 points.

  24. You aren’t lying the Samsung Behold just got android 1.6 for crying out loud. They aren’t even trying, they push all these phones out and then its on to the next one. No support whatsoever

  25. @dook and Wello thanks for the reply. Its a shame older phones didn’t use something similar to atmel’s stuff, but it seems like a lot of the knew ones are. Thanks again.

  26. Never had any problems with Samsung devices or their customer service/warranties. Everything I can buy that Samsung puts out is on the top of my list because of their quality. Maybe the unhappy ones are the most vocal, but my experience has been nothing but excellent. Can’t wait to get my hands on a SGS, it will most likely be the last phone I buy for a while since it fits all my wants and needs perfectly. iPhone killer.

  27. Try the “MultiTouch Visualizer 2” app in market, it works better, and also has the capability of detecting 3+ touch points if your screen supports that.

  28. If Samsung support 16 points with the Amtel chipset, I wonder why EVO and Incredible will only support 2 max right now using the same chip. I tried Multitouch visualizer 2 and it will not detect anything more than 2 points..Could this be a driver oversight by HTC. HTC was never able to give me a straight answer on that, just their typical run around answer “this device will support pinch to zoom only” but never explained why…so frustrating…

  29. im not worried about samsung not updating this phone. for the very fact that its the same phone on 20 carriers means its going to sell like nuts and therefore be very high profile so 2 things will happen:

    1) samsung will support this device well, or they will catch holy hell on the mainstream since this phone is availible the world round

    2) the super mega exellent modding community will make sure this phone is better than any regular OS update anyways. Who the heck actually runs stock anymore!? LOL

  30. I know that with HTC I have a great phone. With Samsung I have learned that their historical way of doing things has been: No matter how lovely it is to look at, in short order it will be abandoned. I already have a pretty paper weight courtesy of Samsung. This is a no brainer. I will never purchase Samsung phones again. HTC makes an effort to bring exciting phones to market. The Desire is my choice for my next Android. My second choice would be a Google phone because they will always be updated. But Samsung? Meh.

  31. I will buy the Galaxy S and if it doesn’t get updated I will buy the next best phone. I could really care less if Samsung updates it or not. I don’t have a phone longer than 6 months.

  32. “HTC makes an effort to bring exciting phones to market. ”

    yes if you think 65,000 colors, poor battery and snapdragon is exciting…

  33. Why bother talk bout the Desire when it’s not even on a major U.S. network?

  34. Because the world and the internet are much bigger than USA, you short minded boy…

  35. The support for multitouch in Android is really dependent
    on the linux kernel version.
    Android 2.1 and below are using linux-2.6.29.x or earlier,
    which does not have a real multitouch interface.
    No clue how they do it today, but maybe they
    are emulating two mouses and use some tricks in the
    upper layer.
    The linux-2.6.32 kernel in FroYo has an API for Multitouch
    which allows a good framework to be built on top.
    maXTouch can be configured to support 1-10 fingers
    directly, each finger used will increase the communication
    load and the power consumption of the phone.

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