Another Android Tablet is Finally For Sale: The Huawei S7 for £299; Event Tomorrow


Expansys has become a popular retailers for calling first dibs on new devices lately. This time, they’re offering the long-awaited Huawei S7 Android tablet for pre-order. You can grab yours for £299 and expect it to ship in 10 days. We first saw this device re-unveiled back at Computex earlier this month, but were still in the dark in regards to pricing and availability.


The device has a 7-inch capacitive display at 800 x 480, will be coming with Android 2.1, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor being underclocked to 768MHz. Let’s not forget that there’s also an event Huawei’s holding in Australia tomorrow for the device, so hopefully we’re set to learn more concrete details at that time. We’ll let you know if anything new comes out of it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That looks sketchy.

  2. That is $450 almost as much as an iPad. Should be more like $200.

  3. But, it’s better than the iPad.

  4. I agree with Dave. $450 is too much for that device. $300 max.

  5. Thats $355 us dollars.

  6. on expansys us site.

  7. Its 200 POUNDS, thats a lot less than the iPad, the iPad retails at £429 ($633) in the UK, which is more than those in the US pay for their 16GB iPads. So it will probably be about $300 as thats what happens they just change the $ and £ signs around, you guys should know this by now :)

  8. It’s not 200 its 299. 300 pounds=455 dollars

  9. It has 3G so you should compare it more to the Ipad 3G price.

  10. Considering that it’s a phone, as well as a tablet, with a 1ghz snapdragon, I think that’s well worth the pricing – $354USD. eXpansys USA will ship on July 7th.

  11. Since it’s a phone, can I stick my T-Mo SIM card in there?

  12. @nasWal
    I 2nd that……I’ll only buy it if it works with t-mobile

  13. I just pre-ordered one to Germany. Should ship on 6 July.

  14. @Dave – the comparison with the US price of iPad is faulty. The iPad costs £429 in the UK, the 3G one even more than that. So the Huawei S7 is VERY competitively priced! Having said that, I do wish it had more than just 256 MB Ram – to me not having 512 MB Ram is a complete dealbreaker, on the same level as I would never buy anything sporting a resistive screen, or running Symbian.

  15. I’d pay around $200 for this gadget.
    It is not an ipad.

  16. do you need a service plan since its a phone do you need to pay every month for it

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