Starting Yesterday, Samsung Behold II OTAs Are Rolling Out


The Samsung Behold II has been the host of a huge round of controversy for the manufacturer, but they’re trying. Unfortunately, Behold II owners won’t be able to enjoy the goods that come along with Android 2.1 and soon to be 2.2, but Android 1.6 isn’t that bad of a build, to be quite honest, and it’s rolling out right now.


Samsung’s even sprinkled some nice goodies into this update. Google Voice and the new Google Maps comes with Android 1.6 naturally, but you’ll also be getting SWYPE and tons of bug fixes to go along with it. We’re not sure this is going to suppress the anger of many Behold II owners out there, but if you have no choice in sticking with this phone, then this is as good as it’ll get.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Could this be the fate of future Galaxy S owners? Wonder who is responsible for this. I don’t own a Behold, but I’m interested in the Galaxy S. Not sure I can commit to Samsung after seeing something like this though. Updates are important to me. Hopefully, Google will release another phone or some manufacturer will get smart, take the easy route, and ship plain old vanilla android. It is easier for them and benefits their customers.

  2. Ben Samsung Behold is a much lesser capable phone hardware wise and much cheaper as well. 1.6 is far better than 1.5 and atleast behold users are getting upgraded to 1.6, but look at backflip, they are stuck at 1.5 only, look at european HTC hero, they are stuck at 1.5 only.

  3. Like I have said on other site, one of our phones is the Behold 2 and because of this I will never purchase another Samsung device for my family.

  4. @Ben good points. a phone is only as good as the manufacture that stands behind their product. How will this spell for Galaxy S owners? We can only tell. But on the other side, the average consumer doesnt really care or even know about the updates. they usually purchase the phone base on what they see and feel at the store. but anyway, i rather have a phone where the manufacture will stand behind. So far from all these tech blogs, it’s Google’s Nexus One, Moto Droids, and then HTC. or maybe htc and moto are in the same line up…dunno

  5. behold owners should consider themselves extremely lucky to get 1.5. i, galaxy i7500 user, will most probably never see this update. btw if i ever change my phone, you can bet it’s not going to be a samsung

  6. I’m not going to bash HTC for not upgrading the G1 to the latest version and the same goes for the behold. That’s the price for being an early adopter.

  7. @pik…what the hell are you talking about…there are builds for 1.6 for the i7500 from Eugene_373 that were ported TO the BH2, so maybe do a little research huh ?

    As for this ? This is ridiculous. We cajoled, begged, heck, even groveled. And for what ? 1.6 ? C’mon…they even had VIDEO’S SAYING they would have Android 2. I even had an email from the guy at phones-online.net that originally posted the video that the video CAME from Samsung’s internal marketing SITE.

    Proof POSITIVE !!

  8. i don’t care about unofficial updates, if i don’t get it from nps it doesn’t exist

  9. My coworker just bought one of these last week. Its his first Android phone and he kept running over to me showing it off not understanding the difference between his phone and my Incredible. He knew I had an Android phone…he just didn’t know the hierarchy of devices. Eventually he started gettin on my nerves so I unlocked my phone and kindly started showing him stuff he didn’t have and the speed at which it moved. I finally showed him Nav and he had not come back by my desk since. I did let him know that he would have Nav soon so he didn’t feel too bad lol.

  10. I have a Behold 2, after having a G1, and let me tell you the G1 rocked the Behold 2. Anyways to my point, I have a friend that told me the Behold 2 is capable of upgrading to 2.1 because it has a software modem. So he basically told me Sammy is being lazy with this phone to focus on the Galaxy S. So whats to stop Samsung to negate this phone when they come out with a newer one? I am attracted to the new Galaxy S, but I wont buy it because of this debaucle.

  11. when they release a new galaxy X they will simply abandon galaxy S, that’s why I, like Ryan, won’t buy a samsung phone again

  12. I guess the difference is that galaxy s will be available worldwide while the behold 2 was only for t-mobile. Froyo will be their first test. The hardware is very compelling but I will only buy it once they’ve updated it to froyo.

  13. I’m glad to finally get the update, at this point I’ll take what I can get. The only thing that annoys me is that they screwed up before the phone ever came out with a guarantee that behold 2 would get 2.0. I’m probably just going to buy the galaxy s (or whatever it gets labeled as) when t-mobile officially announces it.

  14. amy, why are you going for the galaxy s? you’ll probably get screwed again. in a couple of months samsung will tell us that “galaxy s will never qualify for android x.x. your interest in samsung products is appreciated”

  15. The rest of the world is going to get atleast 2.2 i think. But here in India,they announced that the GS will not be updated. Still i’ll have to buy it ,coz there aren’t many options to choose from here.Lets hope the dev scene picks up and i can get some cooked roms fast.

  16. Well the official OTA window has closed, and many forums are rife with complaints of Samsung Behold II owners who have followed their procedures (no root, running stock T-Wiz, etc) and not gotten the update.

    Myself included.

  17. Shoulda stayed with g1 but it broke 9 times

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