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Sometime last week, we speculated Sling Media would be getting their Android app out very soon thanks to new “information sign-up” forms appearing on the UK version of their site. We also figured the price would more than likely be around the $30 mark by taking a look at their iPhone offering.


And now, SlingPlayer Mobile has been released and you can get it for $29.99 in the Android market. The app is available in the UK, US, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Ausstria, Australia, and Canada markets, so if you’vebeen waiting for this (and I’m sure many of you have been) then swallow that $30 price tag and go get it because it looks like it will be a keeper. Full press details found straight ahead.

[Note]: SlingBox Solo, Pro, or Pro-HD set-top boxes are required to use this app. If you do not currently have a SlingPlayer box or don’t plan to get one, this will be a waste of your money.

Sling Media Launches SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Smartphones

Application now delivers your home TV experience to Android phones anywhere you have mobile phone access

Foster City, Calif., – June 22, 2010 – Sling Media, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), announced today the availability of its SlingPlayer Mobile™ application for Android™ Smartphones. The all new application gives Android phone users easy access to their home TV experience anywhere they have mobile phone or Wi-Fi internet access. Now anyone with an Android phone never has to miss a favorite TV show when they’re away from home.

“We’re committed to the Android platform, and users of our new and improved SlingPlayer Mobile application will experience one of the most complete mobile television experiences available today,” said John Gilmore, Sling Media Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Now the full spectrum of viewing, including local channels and sports teams, video on demand, pay per view and even control of their home DVR, is available to the growing number of people moving to Android.”
How it Works
When in your mobile phone provider’s area of 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi coverage and connected to a Slingbox® SOLO, PRO or PRO-HD, SlingPlayer Mobile makes it simple to watch and control your living room television at any time from any location. Watch live and recorded TV and schedule recordings of new programs from any Android Smartphone.

SlingPlayer Mobile for Android features faster startup and control response times, and it works among a variety of Android-based mobile phones in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. It also has a new user interface that gives quick-touch access to the most critical remote controls and recently viewed channels.

Current Pricing and Availability
SlingPlayer Mobile Android is available now for download for $29.99* in the Android Market in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.
*Price is in U.S. dollars. U.S. dollar to local currency exchange will be carried out at purchase via the customer’s bank or credit card provider. Pricing and availability subject to local laws.
Visit for more information.

About Sling Media, Inc.
Sling Media, Inc., an affiliate of EchoStar Technologies L.L.C., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), is the leading provider of video placeshifting products and services for consumers and television service providers. Sling Media’s product family includes the internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox™ that allows consumers to watch and control their living room television shows at any time, from any location, using internet-connected PCs, Macs, PDAs and smartphones. For more information, visit

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  1. Why the heck is it so expensive?

  2. Expensive? Unfortunately, yes. Worth every penny? Hell yes. This works very smoothly on my EVO…even on 3G. Wifi is even snappier! (I haven’t tested a 4G connection yet). This obviously kills the need for Sprint TV or (at least for me). I now can go to the mall with the family without being bored out of my mind! :-)

  3. I agree… It works great on my Motorola Droid. I can’t wait to try it on the airplane with their WIFI service… It’s expensive, but you have to expect that… it’s a one time hit and once you have it, you can watch television anywhere/anytime… as long as the wife isn’t at home turning the channel… :-(

  4. At first I was excited and thought about getting a slingbox, but then I remembered that everything I watch is already online anyway. What I’m waiting for is Flash so I can watch Hulu, or even better would be to add Boxee for android.

  5. Yeah it’s absolutely useless for someone like me who doesn’t watch TV on TV…

  6. Not showing up in Android Market on my Nexus One yet. Ahhhh!

  7. Word of warning: I couldn’t get it to work at all (icon clicked, phone flashes for a second and then goes back to home screen). I initiated a text chat with Sling Media and was informed that they aren’t supporting rooted phone.

    So f’ em.

  8. Downloaded it this morning as soon as I read about it on phandroid. Works very well, although the layout could use some improvements, particularly for changing channels, but I can now watch MLB and NFL games while out and about. The streaming video looked much better than the youtube,, or any other streaming video app. The audio was also far superior to those apps. My girlfriend got me a Sling-HD Pro for Christmas, specifically for using with my Moto Droid, and now I can finally use it. The 30 bucks is nothing when you think about what you are paying for–and the fact it is a one time shot. Well worth it.

  9. Orb = Free

  10. Why would you expect ANYONE to support a rooted phone? You’ve circumvented regular channels; you can’t possibly expect them to try to support when they have no idea what configuration you’ve done to your phone. Don’t blast THEM for what YOU did.

  11. I’m a huge fan of slingplayer media. I Have had this on all my smart phones, even the iphone. The $30 dollars is well worth it, I even have it on my computers. This is what I been waiting on for the android system. I feel complete now.

  12. @Andre: I completely agree that Android feels pretty complete between Sling and Sirius-Xm apps now being available. There are two other things I’d like to see: 1) amazon video on demand or some kind of video store service comparable to itunes tv and movie store (I still think it is absolutely ridiculous that an amazon video on demand app wasn’t ready the day Android launched 2)B&N ebook app

  13. If this works on a rooted EVO 4G and they activated the hdmi output… I will be buying this app and a new HD slingbox!

  14. My friend has an older android phone, running 1.5. Does this work across the board or just on newer android OS ‘s? He is interested in getting a slingbox but doesn’t want to fork out the cash if it won’t work on his phone.

  15. d/l on my evo. works great on 3g but not on 4g or wifi other than my home…any ideas. I am using a sling a/v which is “non compatible” but works on my itouvh and others fine.

  16. Remarks from an earlier post:

    ‘I couldn’t get it to work at all (icon clicked, phone flashes for a second and then goes back to home screen). I initiated a text chat with Sling Media and was informed that they aren’t supporting rooted phone.’

    I’m having the same issue. Will Slingplayer NOT run on a Rooted Motorola Droid?

    I purchased the Slingplayer App to my Motorola Droid running JRummy’s Remix v0.7 Cyanmod Build ESE81 Firmware Version 2.1-update 1 (rooted). After the install was complete I clicked on the slingplayer icon in my app drawer and the screen goes black for a quick second, then returns to the home page. Can anyone help me??? (BTW Installed the app on my wifes Droid ‘Bone stock 2.1-update 1, and it works GREAT!) If anyone can help me out or give me some ideas I’d appreciate it. I know there are people running Slingplayer on Rooted droids, and I would have to have to unroot my phone, but I gotta have Slingplayer so I can watch my proHD

  17. I installed it an gave my credit card number and everything but everytime I try to run it it asks me for an email and password. I’ve tried every single email and password that I figure it could possibly be asking for and kind figure this out. Someone help. Thanks!

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