HTC Aria’s In Stores Today


For all of you AT&T fans who were waiting for a device by HTC for the carrier, you should probably know that the HTC Aria is in stores today. The mid-range device – which was unveiled by AT&T shortly after a series of leaks – can be had for $129.99 after signing a two-year service agreement.


The device has a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus, 3G, WiFi, and 6 hours of talk time. It ships with HTC’s Sense UI on top of Android 2.1

[Update]: Yes, that was a picture of a Windows Mobile device. No, we haven’t gone WinMo.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Do we get to hear who won the contest most recently soon?

  2. Is there a reason why a WinMo phone is shown instead of the Aria?


  4. Thanks for catching that. My brain has been replaced for the weekend, apparently.

  5. Much better… Runs android now lol

  6. No problem Quentyn, just thought it was pretty amusing :) Glad to see the right image up there!

  7. What do you think, lads. Should I give up and get this thing or hold out for something better to come along on ATT? (P.S, not really interested by Samsung phones).

  8. @dook – go play with one in the store, I think you’ll be surprised at the combo of speed and form factor. I picked one up today and I’m loving it. Make no mistake, devices like the Evo and Incredible are king right now – but sometimes you just want something you can toss in your pocket and go.

  9. Who gives a damn bout this phone when it’s not a 1CHZ I’ll skip thanks. I’m STILL WAITING FOR MY DESIRE. If it ever gets here.

  10. So glad some people where able to get their hands on this phone… Went to three diffrent AT&T stores and a Best Buy in Portland and none of them had the phone in… they said they hope maybe tomorrow or later this week…. Bad Launching AT&T :(

  11. mini incredible…

  12. Dook:

    I feel the same as you. I’ve been burned by Samsung’s low-end products too many times to feel comfortable getting a Samsung phone, so it irritates me that AT&T’s highest-end Android phone is a Samsung. :(

  13. Alright Android fans: it’s down to either the Aria or the iPhone 3GS for me.

    I like the propects of open source on the Android platform, but AT&T’s interpretation of it obviously has me concerned.

    Since AT&T is limiting app selection to purchases from the Android Market, is it still worth it to pick up the Aria? Any way to do an end-run around AT&T’s imposed limitations? And if I’m stuck with this limited selection of apps, how DOES the Android Market stack up to Apple’s app store?

    My wife is set on picking up an iPhone, and for her, it probably IS the better choice. But I’m looking for ANY excuse to pick up the Aria, and AT&T hasn’t helped in that regard. So what say you?

  14. @Corporate Dog

    According to what I was seeing over on xda-developers.com, it sounds like you are able to install third party apps through USB same as with the Backflip. You should also be able to get the Market apps AT&T blocks (tethering apps) from the Android Market by removing your SIM card and opening up the Market through wi-fi.

    And of course if someone is able to root the device it should be possible to do pretty much anything with it.

  15. @acm
    Thanks for the info on xda-developers. Sounds pretty easy to install third-party apps, even without root.

    That, plus the bevy of overly positive hands-on reviews (including many from former iPhone owners) has me convinced to go with the Aria.

  16. Woot…AT&T gets a Droid Eris clone, 7 months after Verizon started selling the original. Way to be on top of technology, AT&T.

  17. AT&T continues to stock half-ass Android devices while continuing to pray at the alter of the iPhone, which they’re about to lose exclusivity on. Worst network, worst business plan, worst company.

  18. @Chomsky1 – you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  19. I have had my Aria for two days now. I am an at&t customer and hate it. My iPhone stoped working well and I wanted an android phone. I love it. It does not have a snap dragon chip but it’s fast as hell. HTC did a good job on it. I also love the way it fits in my hand and pocket.I have noticed that it gets warm after a long conversation and needs more battery if you play with it. I’m sure that someone will release an after market bigger battery.

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