Kobo Reader for Android Available Now


Kobo – one of the leading eBook platforms – has just released their Android app. Kobo will draw you in by their selection and the ability to move between a plethora of devices without fear of your content being tied down. Alongside the millions of titles they have in their own bookstore, they’ve partnered with leading distributor and retailer Borders to bolster their selection that much further.


The app is free to download, and you can even check some free books out by signing up for an account. If you’re reading your eBook at home on your laptop and want to take the literature with you on the go, it’s as easy is singing into the app on your phone and picking up where you left off. You can even read other standard eBook filetypes, so you’re not tied into Kobo’s platform if your retailer of choice offers a compatible version.

Go ahead and check it out now by heading to

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  1. If your not going to include a QR code you could at least fix the link text. it should read

  2. aldiko’s ui is farrr better
    no french books
    waiting updates

  3. aldiko’s ui is far better
    aldiko is far snapier
    no french language book
    kept, waiting upgrades

  4. agreed….aldiko is better..pages load a bit faster. Will probably keep both on the phone though. Offerings may differ.

  5. Their website says they support PDF but i have yet to figure out how.

  6. “it’s as easy is singing into the app on your phone and picking up where you left off”

    That’s a new concept…someone should patent it.

  7. What happens if you sing off key?

  8. “You can even read other standard eBook filetypes” – does that mean it can read ePub with DRM? That would be killer.
    However, I’ve searched their site and on Google and couldn’t find anything definitive on that. CAN you read ePub files with DRM?

  9. @Martin
    Kobo’s own books are apparently ePub with Adobe ADEPT DRM but based on the comments you can’t open DRM’d books downloaded from another store.

  10. Kobo app is slow, cluky; lacks ability to delete a book; swiping left/right is poorly implemented, prefer vertical scrolling a la their older app Shortcovers; deleted Kobo, waiting for Kindle.

  11. What about Microsoft’s retired format .lit files? I have hundreds of books in .lit which I’m converting to a compatible format for Aldiko. I can’t find a list of file formats that this software supports.

  12. @ Jim D, then it will download the default book “how to sing for dummies” :-)

  13. Really? Maybe there’s a newer version of Aldiko that I haven’t installed, but Kobo is way better than Aldiko on my moto droid. Kobo’s Performance is comparable with cleaner, more robust appearance and features. That said, I like Shortcovers better than Kobo or Aldiko.

  14. BTW – I don’t use the swipe UI to turn pages in any of the readers. I just tap the side of the page… I could certainly see why the swipe would frustrate some users.

  15. Why the hell don’t you guys include the QR Code? And when you do it’s always broken or wrong

  16. @Michael
    ePub works.

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