Cincinnati Bell Blaze Gets Root


Just because the phone isn’t wildly popular or isn’t on a major carrier, that doesn’t mean a nice development community can’t stand behind it. Even if that development “community” consists of one person (with the help of a few supporters, of course), it has one and they care enough to go through the trouble of finding out how to root the device. That device would be the Cincinnati Bell Blaze that released to overwhelming demand (by their standards) not too long ago.


The job was done by SeanFromIT and allows full root on the device to make way for custom recovery images and ROMs. In the meantime, be sure to try it for yourself if you want in anticipation of an Android 2.1 (or better!) ROM that could come down the line eventually.

[via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. OMG

    But cheap =)

  2. As a Cincinnati resident, ads for this phone have always puzzled me. I couldn’t figure out why this phone was only available here. But then again I really didn’t care since I jumped ship from Cincinnati Bell a couple months ago after waiting for a quality phone (that wasn’t a blackberry) for years. I’ll stick with my Hero on Sprint..

  3. Cincinnati Bell Blaze Gets Root yet the Motorola Backflip sits locked down to hell with no hope in sight.
    My wife bugs me almost daily with endless “have they fixed it yet”? Yes, even she knows the Backflip getting rooted would be fixing it.

  4. You should give a Backflip to the guy who is the Blaze development community.

  5. Yeah, my mom and friend both have this phone. Although its not super great, It doesn’t suck.

  6. the blaze is a pretty cool phone but tense to mess up all the time^^

  7. if you google the orange boston there are claims of a 2.1 custom rom and it is the bell blaze. they say the official release will come in the next few weeks. also check out the motorola xt502…. was the blaze really made by foxconn or comptiva???

  8. the blaze is made by commtiva not foxconn… and 2.1 will be abailable VERY VERY soon!

  9. the blaze is made by commtiva not foxconn… and 2.1 will be abailable VERY VERY soon!

  10. I bought the Blaze within 2 weeks of it being released. Received no manual, no instructions… No one at the store knew how to work it. A friend of mine from work that owns an Iphone helped me to figure it out. Is not very reliable. Calls will not go out half the time. What is rooting mean? Why do I need to do this? And when will the upgrade become available and what will this do for me? I am not a techie. Thanks. Oh and by the way, Cinci Bell service STINKS!!!!

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