Jun 17th, 2010


Just like Google won’t be opening up the source code of Google TV until some point in the year following its launch, the Android Market will too have to wait for it’s big screen debut. You won’t be able to get all of your favorite apps on your TV just yet, nor will third-party installs from apk files be supported. You’ll be stuck with the apps you are given until at least 2011.

The reason is that Google wants to give developers time to optimize their apps for the Google TV experience, and they won’t even be able to begin doing that until the Google TV SDK is released. After that point, the Market should roll out to Google TV sets and companion boxes, at which time you should be able to enjoy some enhanced apps that will look great on an HD TV set.

This comes as a bit of a downer for those planning on becoming early adopters of the technology, but you can’t blame Google. A device launching with apps that just don’t work the way they should just might get more criticism then one not launching with any Market apps at all.

[via Android and Me]

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