Vodafone Was Supposed to be Launching the HTC Wildfire Today


It was believed that the smallish HTC Wildfire would be launching for Vodafone today (with pre-orders being taken a few days earlier), but it doesn’t appear to be available any more now than it was then. As of the time of this posting, their official site is still listing the device as being available for pre-order.


Even though a Vodafone customer claims to have had the device since June 12th, at the least (customer reviews tab), no one else has been able to get as lucky. Looking at other providers, it appears that T-Mobile UK won’t be getting the device until near the end of the month, with other UK-based third-party retailers not expecting it until even later in the summer.

I’m afraid the game called “Where’s Waldo?” has just been renamed to “Where’s Wildfire?”. Any of you guys in the UK care to call Vodafone up and see what’s going on? Concrete information may result in satisfying rewards from us (mostly verbal).

[via Unwired View]

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  1. Guys – htcpedia are saying “If you are planning on getting your hands on one of the newly announced HTC Widlfire, you will have to wait a little longer until it is available for sale. We have anticipated to see HTC Wildfire hit the streets in the next few weeks, however we have learned from HTCPedia Shop that the production of this device has been delayed until late July or early August 2010.”

  2. Tmobile UK were due to stock from 4th June – but their website still lists as coming soon. Ive been waiting for this phone for a while – I got a tattoo at the mo. I need a smaller size phone for my pocket!!

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