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Search Correction Finally Comes to Android Market – Froyo Only, For Now


Google’s Android 2.2 update will be bringing us a lot of things we’d wished the Android Market had from the beginning. One of the biggest requests over the past year and a half has been a more robust search engine: surely, a company who made their claim to fame by providing one of the most powerful search algorithms ever could’ve gotten it right the first time.


Thankfully, it’s never too late in the world of software. When Androinica reader Rob mistyped the word “homerun” as “himerun,” the market decided to show him results of apps that included the words “home” and “run” instead of giving him a big, fat “No”. The same thing reportedly happened when a user searched “Twotter” (please don’t laugh) and the market showed him results for “Twitter” instead.

As of yet, this is only confirmed to be working on Nexus One devices with Froyo installed. We’re not sure if this has existed since the update was put onto the internet and pushed to certain devices OTA – or if Google somehow updated the Market with a hot-patch – but it’s there and it’s a step toward the better market we’ve been salivating for.

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  1. Works on moto droid froyo too

  2. Just tried the same misspelled searches on my Moto Droid on the newest Froyo leak and got the big fat “no learn how to spell moron.”

  3. Works on moto droid 2.2 as well.

  4. Works on Droid with Froyo as well

  5. Within the half hour or so of me posting that i am now getting suggested results. Odd, but sweet.

  6. Works for me on my Droid with Froyo

  7. Be nice if they actually released 2.2 though.

  8. I couldn’t agree more, at least Apple gives a date for when their new update will be made available. Google’s, “a few weeks,” statement leaves a lot to be desired.

  9. Shame they broke the old feature where you could just type in the package name prefix such as:

    A lot of apps use (or rather, “used”) this technique when linking to a subset of their other apps in the Market. Those are now broken :(

  10. works for me in desire with 2.1

  11. Doesn’t work on Nexus One with 2.1, just saying cause sunhorse says it worked on desire with 2.1. Can’t wait for FroYo!!!!!!!

  12. Does anyone know if this works on the Droid 2.2?

  13. @Tyler despite the multiple posts before yours stating that it does work with Droid 2.2, I’m going to have to say…. no… jk

  14. What needs to happen is a way to better BROWSE the market. Some way to filter out the stupid picture puzzle games and other detritus…

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