Custom ROMs Could Be Headed to the Original Motorola Milestone


Motorola Milestone users have been one jaded crowd lately. Some owners have yet to get their Android 2.1 upgrade OTA, while others are just dying to get their device freed from its Motorola-supported chains to be able to install custom ROMs on it. That development community reached a pretty big milestone recently (I really need to stop with these early morning puns!).


Developer Mauritsch from And-Developers has made something called a kexec module for the device. This module doesn’t actually unlock the bootloader (which is important to this kind of access), but they’ve found a way to boot a custom kernel after the phone’s stock kernel has been loaded: essentially, this means you could be able to flash some ROMs sometime down the road.

The module has yet to be perfected, but this new break gives the entire community a refresh of enthusiasm as they plead to Motorola to unlock their device. If you want more details, be sure to make your way to their site now.

[Droid Forums via Engadget]

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  1. Hallelujah! Why Motorola decided to mess with the bootloader on the Milestone is a mystery, but this is great news!

  2. I had months of a non-focussing camera, then after an update, the camera worked but the browser was jerky and appalling. Now music starts playing as and when it pleases – usually when I’m at work or in an important phone-call!

    Not to mention the 4 warranty issues which were repaired.

    Yet to have a working Milestone for £450.

    Just give us the damned bootloader already so we can fix it ourselves! Will never buy Motorola again.

  3. My milestone with 2.1 reboots randomly…

    oh, and the kexec thing crashes uppong booting the second kernel, or even earlier, it might be a dead end :(

  4. The Milestone is a weird phone. I love it, but man do I envy the US Droid!

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