Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro Approved for Europe and North America


The Global Certification Forum has approved the QWERTY variant to the Xperia X10 Mini – the Mini Pro – for both Europe and North America. The certification saw the approval of two different models: the U20i and the U20a. The former is the European-flavored Mini Pro with the latter being approved with North American GSM bands.


Still no word on when the device will actually launch, but everything we’ve heard so far still points to Summer (just after the QWERTY-less Mini is set to make its debut).

[via The Unwired]

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  1. The QWERTY less one has appeared today on virtually all UK providers! We’ve just ordered one which is due to arrive on Monday. :)

  2. Before i bought my X10 Mini Pro, i first called SE Sweden and asked when and if my cellphone could be upgraded. And i got a positive answer. Unfortunaly time of upgrade release was not set.
    After looking around on different websites about Android phones, i find it a littte strange that a phone with “opensource” not have been ported with a “universial version of Android. No, i´m not familiar with the diffrencies between all Android mobiles. But would it be possible to port / make a “Universial” OS?!

  3. hi…i just bought a new xperia x10 mini pro and it does not have ‘market’ icon… also tried downloading appbrain as a substitute but cant download that either because its asking me to download application via android market!!!! i am badly stucked – please could someone help! PS: have revovered phone to factory settings, updated the software but still no luck…. HELP!!!!!

  4. hey people…i am facing the same problem as “koram”, my phone does not seem to have the market icon or in more probability the android market application…please help…i have had no luck in finding what i need to do..!

  5. Guys i have the same problem as you i dont have the android market icon in my phone. I hope that when we instal the new software 2.1 should have the android icon in it

  6. Hi…. I wont asking about anderoid 2.1 can it support arabic language or no please answear me for my qution and thnak you……

  7. I got the same problem as you guys and i dont know what to do…pls somebody help us???

  8. is it good for android mobile? ,i want any answer!

  9. its simple problem usual with new users,first see the user manual carefully. . .still not set as configured settings, check it in sonyericsson/support or visit the site. you get it guyz just dont panic its quite a good phone once you get along

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