Layar For Android Updated to Version 3.5


Layar’s just gotten an update in the Android market. Version 3.5 brings some cool new features that will please you if you are a heavy Layar user. With this version, you no longer need to enter a search query or open a specific Layar plugin  to discover all that the browser has to offer.


With their new Stream Technology, you’ll be able to see all of the most popular and interesting content within your radius right away, enabling you to discover local happenings in new ways such as a concert you didn’t know was going on or a new Italian ice cream spot that’s closer to your house.

CEO Raimo van der Klein says:

Augmented Reality is starting to behave like a true mass medium. It is becoming scalable with the introduction of its own discovery mechanism. We know that real-time location-based content discovery drives frequent re-use of the Layar browser.

Layar’s also announcing that they’re housing 700 third-party “Layars” (plugins) to date with thousands more currently in development. They serve up 2.4-million Layar items per-day. With that much growth, it’s easy to see why they needed to make it a lot easier and funner for people to discover what’s around them.

You can find it now in the Android market.

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  2. Funner’er!

    Fun app to play with. Still haven’t found it useful on a daily basis.

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