Boost Mobile Launching the Motorola i1 June 20th – First Android PTT Phone


Right in line with what we just learned regarding Sprint’s plans for launching the Motorola i1 under their own brand, they’ve announced that Boost Mobile will also be launching the phone June 20th. This release, however, will be an in-store launch exclusively for Boost Mobile and all Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile stores.


The i1 has a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.1-inch HVGA touchscreen display, and comes standard with the Opera Mini 5 Web Browser designed to provide a fast browsing experience. It also uses SWYPE for its on-screen keyboard which is a great add-on for screens of this size.

For $50 per month, Boost customers will be able to enjoy unlimited data, texting messaging, and voice calls with their new Android handset.  The Motorola i1 is push-t0-talk enabled making it the first Android phone with that feature for Boost. It’ll come with a 2GB microSD card (expandable to 32GB). Sprint still hasn’t announced official pricing, but $349.99 has long been its rumored cost.

Boost Mobile Brings Android to Prepaid with Launch of Motorola i1
National distribution at Boost Mobile Exclusive Retail Stores, all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores beginning June 20
IRVINE, Calif., Jun 03, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) –In a world of “firsts,” the Motorola i1 from Boost Mobile(R) brings new meaning to the word. Available nationally at Boost Mobile Exclusive Retail Stores, Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores, i1 is the first walkie-talkie enabled touchscreen phone powered by Android(TM) from Boost Mobile.

“Last year Boost disrupted the wireless marketplace with the $50 Monthly Unlimited offer, and we are doing it again with the launch of the Motorola i1,” said Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Boost Mobile. “Together with Motorola, we are able to offer the Android experience to those customers who enjoy the walkie-talkie feature. And with 1,100 Best Buy locations, 80 Best Buy Mobile stores and exclusive Boost Mobile stores nationwide, customers will not have to search far to find this hot handset.”

The i1 has an industry-leading 5MP camera, a vivid 3.1-inch HVGA display, and is one of the first devices to feature the new optimized Opera Mini 5 Web Browser. Combined with the Boost Mobile ‘Monthly Unlimited’ service, with unlimited nationwide talk, text and Web for $50 per month, staying connected has never been easier. The i1 also comes equipped with Wi-Fi and is one of the first Android phones to integrate new SWYPE(R) technology for quicker-than-ever messaging.

“Best Buy Mobile is excited to be the first national retailer to bring a prepaid Android smartphone to customers who are looking for greater payment flexibility when it comes to their smartphone,” said Scott Anderson, senior director at Best Buy Mobile. “One of our promises to customers is to provide the best options and choices available in the mobile marketplace. Exclusively bringing great products like the Motorola i1 to consumers helps us make good on that commitment. ”

“Motorola remains focused on delivering differentiated Android experiences within our product portfolio,” said Jeff Miller, vice president, Motorola Mobile Devices. “With the Motorola i1, we’re excited to offer Boost users the opportunity to enjoy a feature-rich Android smartphone with walkie-talkie capability.”

Motorola i1 Features

Touchscreen smartphone powered by Android(TM)
5MP camera with autofocus, flash and video
Wi-Fi capable
Access to Email Exchange, Gmail(R), MSN(R), Yahoo!(R) and more
Instant Messaging (Google Talk(TM) preloaded, supports additional messaging clients via download such as Yahoo!(R), AIM(R) and more)
Nationwide walkie-talkie
Opera Mini 5 & Android browsers
Stereo Bluetooth(R) capable
2GB microSD card (supports up to 32GB)
GPS enabled
Optional SWYPE(TM) virtual keypad
About Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts. Boost Mobile redefines value for wireless consumers with its ‘Monthly Unlimited’ service, offering unlimited nationwide talk, text, Web, e-mail, IM and 411 for $50 per month, and with its ‘BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited’ service, offering unlimited nationwide talk, text, Web, e-mail, IM and 411 for $60 per month. Boost Mobile offers nationwide service on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 276 million people, and on the Nextel National Network, reaching more than 277 million people, with no activation or long distance fees. Boost Mobile offers a selection of quality handsets from Motorola, Sanyo, Research In Motion (RIM) and Samsung, ranging from entry-level to high-end devices. Boost Mobile phones are available nationwide at nearly 20,000 major retail stores, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart, Sprint retail stores, independent wireless dealer locations, and on HSN, a leading television home shopping network; and Re-Boost(R) is available at approximately 100,000 locations throughout the United States. Experience Boost Mobile on the Web at MySpace, Facebook and Twitter; and purchase products at www.boostmobile.com.

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Android, Google, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Talk are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i really hate this, i called boostmobile and ask about this phone back in late april they said that only sprint would get this phone, so i decided to go with sprint with a 2 year contract and now thisi went from 50 for all to almost 80 for all with the new evo, well i still got till june 6th before the 30 days expired.

  2. yeah good luck with those crappy boost mobile service i wonder they don’t even have 3g…. and text messaging takes forever!! u have to download to see one text message and it takes several minutes sometime LOL good luck boost mobile customers

  3. i hope they are not using their crappy IDEN service.. IDEN service is the worst ever text messaging takes forever to send and receive and you would have to download text message (which takes about several minutes) to view the text message…. i guess it’s with iDEN service since it has i in front of the model number….. good luck boost customers unless this device is going to use both network

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it says its the first Android Push to talk phone. Thats great and all, but does anyone know of another Android phone on a prepaid??? I would think that’s more significant than push to talk. IMHO, I hate PTT and have no real use for it.

  5. @JR

    i rather keep the EVO4G because if this is running on IDEN network… i would never get it

  6. I live in La Porte, TX about 40 minutes from Houston, TX and the service is superb, no problems what so ever

  7. they are running on the 3g network for the sanyo incagnito and the blackberry and the new i1, i have the sanyo and the blackberry they are really fast no more waiting to download text mess. email comes though instantly< internet is also fst as hell, they are not what they used to be they got so much better just need to get the 3g phones

  8. I have the i456 right now and have had wonderful service and text come right through. No delay at all. Now running the little internet I can get on on this phone it is slow but not awful considering the phone did not cost that much. LOVE the PTT as my husband has it on his phone for work. this new phone I am just wondering if I would be able to get on more internet wise than I am with the phone I have.

  9. Yeah right, good luck getting one if you are intending to use this phone on Boost. Best Buy will get a couple as soon as something even newer comes out, 6 months or a year down the road. The Sprint people will not allow it and Best Buy rolls over for them. Same routine as the “Incognito”, which is still blocked in the Harrisburg/York, PA area.

  10. ok well i had the i9 and i have to say i loved that phone right up untill it was stolen. i can’t wait for this new phone to come out cause it just looks like its gona be the best new thing and lets not talk anout the service cause im just gona be going and going about how great the service is. good job boost mobile keep up the good work

  11. Right now I have the I856 and originally it wasnt for me. but i like it, not love it. the service has always been great for me ( No Complaints)!!! Now if this was 4-5 years ago when boost first came out with those crappy phones then yeah…but they have really stepped their game up. Whoever thought that they would be able to get a pre-paid black berry???? I had a bb through tmobile until my bf lost it. im excited to see whats up with this new android iden phone. And to think i was gonna buy a nextel phone out right just so i could have a more up to date PTT because i do use it for work and family. My dreams just came true a stylelish/touch screen phone with PTT.

  12. Boost mobile is the Business and is upgrading very fast the juno, rant , incognito , mirro , blkberry, c-290, w-385 will all go on the 3 g network the android is iden service with android and google and very nice thousands of applications u have access to. the price is reasonable considering u dont have to have a contract for two yearstoa get a discounted phone. GO BOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 YEARS and counting.

  13. Well for what im paying the service is great the PTT is awwsome and no you dont have to have another android phone with Iden to communicate you can PTT anyone with a PTT phone or radio. and at $50 a month damn you cant go wrong. I was paying $140 per month with T-mobile on the G1 phone. So Boost has my props and dont hate simply just dont get boost if you dont like it. Chirp chirp LOL

  14. Boost Mobile stated on 6/14/2010 that the projected release of the i1 is being postponed with no anticipated release date.

    Walmart Corporation when called on 6/14/2010 stated their stores are no longer going to carry Boost Mobile products, apparently because of Sprints ownership of Common cent pre-paid services.

    Sprint also owns Virgin Mobile which it tends to sell off overseas.

    Currently Boost Mobile.com will NOT sell the i1 online itself, and with fewer retail locations selling it, getting one will be tough.

  15. i love boost!!!! can’t wait til this phone comes out. i’ve been a loyal customer for the last three years. their monthly price is unbeatable!!! My phone NEVER has bad service unlike other phone companies. I think the upgrade is definitely the missing puzzle piece to the phone of my dreams! DA BRONX loves BOOST =)

  16. You all suck ass.

  17. hello i have the bb 8330 on boost pay 60 amonth not bad for unlimited everything the 8330 is ok cpu is slow thogh pushing 225 mhz but i installed a mem nbooster app helps a little anyways best things about the bb is the aps got pandora slacker great services connect to my car stereo thru aux input never have to hear a bunch of commercials also i pimped mine out installed 16 gb micro sd card put a whole bnch of movies and music its alright though i do admit sometimes i do have phone envy but come on who cares if a phone has 4g i have 4g and a netbook both cost less than those fancy phones and when you figure almost 70-80 month for limited plans forget about it my phone may be a little outdated but you know what they the older the more wise so in closing boost on 8330 kicks butt just have to know how to pimp it out

  18. boost has 3g, not many phones though. i had the blackberry and my bill was 60 dollars and then i herd about the i1 and my bill went back to 50 and its a android phone. androids are way better than black berrys, the android market compared to the black berry app world there really is no comparison. actually if you compared the phones theyd probably rename the black berry to blue berrys lol. but any ways this is the newest phone boost has (the most up to date) so it should be ok. Boost is the underdog of all the companies to. Everybody hears about boost has bad service, Yeah they did back when the clutch was new but their quickly upgrading and updating their networks, Thats a proven fact when t-mobile and at&t does not work out in the country and verizon hardly works when their the leading company out there, boost works though, so for the price and service you cant beat boost.

  19. Boost has actully began to improve their service the serious is actully great compared to how it was before so to everyone saying it sucks give them a chance

  20. i lOve this phone…i had to get one…and the service is amazing!!!

  21. i don’t like this phone have bad service i bought this phone almost $450 but service its realy bad i like phone bbut internet to slow and its make me mad

  22. I can not wait to get this new phone, I just know it is going to be good! I have the i856 and I dont have any real problems with it except for the fact that I cant get on all the sites i need to for school! With this new phone that would loosen up some sites for me to be able to do more school work in a faster way! Sometimes I have to look up words and things on the spot and need something that can get me there quick! I am supporting Boost all the way because next thing you know something better would be coming out and I wouldnt doubt it if Boost was around for a looooooonnnnngggggg time!!!!!

  23. I love this fone but not that much be cuz i dont have PANDORA but i realy like this fone

  24. i really like this phone & im looking to buy it on fri, but do u have to dwnload texts in order to reply back? im buying the 1 w/boost. is IDEN a bad service or something?

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