Jun 2nd, 2010

The latest update to the Android platform version pie chart shows that the fragmentation gap — I mean variation between OS version among handsets (we know Google hates that f-word) — is narrowing as an overwhelming 45.1 percent of devices are now running on Android 2.1. This no doubt has to do with a few of the long-delayed and much pined for updates being pushed out to handsets over the past month including ones for the HTC Droid Eris and Samsung Moment, as well as the quickly growing install base coming from sales of new handsets.


That’s a pretty large increase for 2.1, which is up from 37.2% since the May 18th report. It is a good sign that the separation between devices is slowly being chipped away, but once Froyo launches en masse this whole process will begin over again, as we watch the numbers grow for the latest version of Android slowly but surely.

But where is Froyo anyway? The date that data collection ended was June 1st, so it is a bit odd that Android 2.2 doesn’t make an appearance as at least a few Nexus One owners have picked up the update (whether through official means or not). The number is probably either negligible or not counted among the official releases. For the sake of all those waiting patiently for Froyo, we can only hope that Android 2.2 might make an appearance by the next platform version chart.