HTC Hero Now $29.99 on TELUS



This is a public service announcement to let anyone up north in the market for a great Android deal that they can now pick up the HTC Hero on TELUS at the low low price of $29.99 on a three-year contract. That’s down from $49.99, where the older but still kicking handset was hovering after dropping from its $99.99 on a 3-year deal launch pricing. Pricing for one-year and two-year deals stays the same, as well as the no contract price of $499.99

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. THREE years? Holy crap! Here I thought the two year stip I have on Verizon was bad.

  2. Yeah, 3 year deals are standard in Canada. For two years, the subsidy on handsets is only about 20% of the price (not much).

  3. no wonder no one hears much from canada. they’re hiding on a rock in shame.

  4. Lol… Three years and an outdated death device… Not even for free, thanks.

  5. GAHHHH canada has it rough… WTF are canadian carries thinking? where did they get the number 3?

  6. 3 is French for “I surrender” j/k

  7. This is a terrible deal.

  8. 3 years Canadian, which is only 2 in American.


  9. lol holy crap i live in the netherlands,
    and i have a 1 year contract, for an htc desire.
    payed 80 euros for the device and 30 euros a month with unlimited online

  10. Canada sucks for cell phone geeks. 2 new big providers just started up but it will be at least couple more years before they expand their networks beyond the major cities to become true national competition to hopefully end the abuse by the big Telcos.

  11. 3 years on a phone that is on its way out.

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