Viliv X10 Tablet Seen at Computex Running Android


Viliv is a company known for their Windows-based tablets, and while their X10 tablet was seen at Computex also running Windows 7, an Android 2.1 version also showed its glass. With a 10-inch, 1366×768 display, the X10 doesn’t skimp on visual candy. You’ll get 720p HD video playback and some impressive 3D graphics to boot.


Though the exact internals powering the vivid graphics and videos weren’t given, the device does feature an SD card slot, USB connectivity, and Wi-Fi. We can expect 3G and WiMax models as well. While the unit showed off was running on Android 2.1, Viliv is saying it will ship with Android 2.2, so get your Flash goggles ready.

[via Laptop Mag]

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  1. this is the first promising android tablet ive seen, i hope they dont mess it up

  2. very promising… especial on WiMax

  3. Surely I can’t be the only person to think this looks ugly? It doesn’t seem sleek or elegant and what is that horrid red plastic looking thing? Sigh… it can’t be that difficult to design a pretty casing for these things, can it?

  4. Looks like a pretty good tablet.

  5. Looks like an oversized Nexus One O.o

  6. Why exactly are tablets not allowed to use Android Market still?

  7. It needs a better screen. Why is Apple the only one using IPS on their tablet?

  8. @Steven
    Agreed. Hideously ugly.
    It’s like we can’t win. I’ve seen 10 great looking tablets that all run 1.6, while all the tablets running >2.0 look like they were made by the Russian military.

  9. IPS? Go read some scientific data or some reviews of the IPS screen. The resolution is better on this device than on the iPad or iPhone4.

    I like the look myself, and appearances are very subjective… Look at your spouse ;P

    Why is “appearance” so important anyway? Worried someone will think you aren’t with the “in” crowd? Please tell me you don’t judge yourself or your spouse by the same standard you use to judge these devices… How shallow is that?

    I’d buy this today if it were available.

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