Stolen HTC Wildfire Prototype Shows Up in the Wild, Goes on Sale


Over the weekend, it appears that the version of the phone that was to be sold in the Netherlands was stolen.  Tweakers.net is reporting that the HTC Wildfire spotted is more than likely a prototype. The version pictured here has a trackball whereas the consumer version HTC has been marketing has a trackpad ala the HTC Droid Incredible.


The phone was thrown up for sale at a Netherlands-based auction site starting at 300 euros. From what I can tell, it ended up selling for 350 euros just yesterday. As for the rest of you guys? You probably did yourself a favor not bidding on this device and waiting until July when the final product launches for 259 euros.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just realized this is a mini N1

  2. When will HTC finally begin building smartphones that are different… I want a HTC 4.3 inch screen, 1.2ghz dualcore processor, 32gb internal memory, 8mp camera with XENON flash, a really good hardware querty keyboard with a left oriented dpad.

    THAT would be the smartphone of my dreams.

  3. I agree with Rotkaeqpchen.

    That would be a pretty amazing smart phone.

  4. If you have a device like that then don’t expect your battery to last more than a couple hours. Battery technology needs to catch up before dual cores become into play

  5. @Rot- I thought the dual core was just introduced so it would be tough for HTC to have a phone that includes it already. But I have a feeling the N2 will have it, unless another newer one comes out before the N2. And as far as a 4.3″ screen i dont know about that i really like the N1, maybe 4″ but 3.7″ sure seems plenty to me, maybe for games bigger would be better but thats about it, although maybe i just dont want it bigger than my pocket, oh who am i kidding id sure as hell by the N2 no matter the screen size.

    @Hager- from what i read the dual core helps save battery, its powerful but its also newer technology. They know full well that battery is an issue, they arent going to release a generation of mobile device processor that kills battery beyond any reasonable amount.

  6. @Davis – Not to mention the fact that such a phone would become hot if the chip used too much power.

  7. Rotkaeqpchen your on to a good one there! And I know they were saying about dual core processors in mobiles… Aparently they would save battery power a lot.

    The only issue is that the price could be quite high with those specs. Still, if you want to take on the Iphone and people are willing to pay the price, why not?

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