DreamBook ePad 7 Gets Specced Out


Pioneer Computers Australia has given us the skinny on their new DreamBook ePad 7 tablet device with an official specification list and an initial price point. This thing has a 7-inch screen which they’re saying is a high-sensitive touch screen (I’m thinking “capacitive”) with a resolution of 800×480. It uses a VA WM8505+ processor with clock speeds reaching at most 533Mhz.


It also comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera, 256 megs of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, 10 hours of battery life, and all of the connectivity options that you’ll need to connect your device through various methods. It ships with Android 1.6 and will be available sometime soon for an estimated $199.99. I’m not sure if this iPad clone can turn any heads with these specs – even at that seemingly attractive price – but I’m sure someone will find a use for it when PCA decides to release this device.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Please can someone explain why all these exciting new tablet devices are coming out with Android 1.x when we have 2.x already available?

    To me thats a bit of a put off.

  2. Great, a newly released device contributing to Android’s fragmentation. Not a step in the right direction.

  3. Seems like the doubtful upgrading of the OS could be a killer for this and other Android devices. Nobody wants to buy a shiny new gsdget, understanding they are likely being left behind from the getgo.

  4. Boooooo Android 1.6
    Boo! Go home!

  5. Ya android 1.6 is a downer but Im willing to be it would take almost no time before some one has this thing rooted and custom roms are developed. Hardware though….ify.

  6. You figure they would atleast put Android 2.1 on it even if the processor isn’t all that robust. I think I’d wait until something else comes along…right now I’m hoping someone will find a way to put Android on the iPad lol

  7. other then price, why would you build a tablet with 533Mhz processor when you have an option to have a 1Ghz processor?

  8. pretty machine, but Wrong OS version and low end hardware specs. This thing is already underpowered and will be obsolete by christmas. Nice effort, but it should have been better.

  9. All it needs is 2.2, 3G & higher specs :)

  10. Screen: 7″ high-definition LED screen
    CPU: Rock chips 2808、600MHZ basic frequency、600MHZ DSP decode
    System: Android 1.5
    Storage: Supporting 2GB-32GB Mobile TF
    Memory: 128MB SDRAM
    Resolution: 800*400
    Touch Screen: multi-point pure touch screen
    Battery: 3000mAh big capacity ( last 5 hours)
    Wireless Network: Wifi2.11 b/g wireless lan
    USB Port: USB slave 2.0
    Tone: 3DPA、audio output port; MIC inside、3D earphone port calling
    Camera: 1.3 million high-definition pixel
    Card Port: T-flash card
    Support 3G function (WCDMA/EVPO optional—-external connection USB)
    PMP: Full-screen 720p high-definition broadcasting

  11. Can help me for this firmware?

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