Flash Player 10.1 for Android Now in Public Beta


While Flash 10.1 for Android phones was announced at today’s keynote, it was slightly glossed over during the Froyo presentation (in a small round table discussion at after the Google TV presentation, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen delved into slightly more detail), but in any case, Adobe is announcing today the release of the public beta of Flash 10.1. It won’t be available on user handsets until Froyo gets pushed out, but for now developers can begin tinkering with the new setup behind the scenes. For a complete run down of what went into getting Flash 10.1 onto mobile devices, check out Adobe’s blog post.


Also announced were Adobe’s partnership with the Google TV project, the goal being that if it runs on Flash it will run on Google TV. That includes Hulu. Adobe AIR is also getting a prerelease for Android developers.

You can argue all you want against Flash, but a great point was made today. It isn’t about preferring one system or going against open standards, but rather about making a 100% inclusive web experience. No site or feature should be left out simply because a manufacturer or developer doesn’t like it. 75% of web video is on Flash, and while it will most likely eventually be phased out, why not allow users to access it while it is still around?

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  1. Amen. Other than Kongregate, i don’t know that I’ll ever use Flash on my phone’s browser, but I sure as hell want to be the person who makes that decision.

  2. if tis gonna be phased out, why not start now working to other tools, right now. ive seen videos of flash on android phones & its not great. its choppy, buggy, did anyone see that farmville demostration, yea it wasnt good. if they gotta optimize these sites for mobile device why not start working now on different formats to get the ball rolling (i cant spell for shit, lol)

  3. WHY? WHY don’t release it for Eclair!? It was firstly supposed to work on it didn’t it?

    Now every current user of an Androphone other than Droid and Nexus One will probably not enjoy Flash anytime soon…

    PS: I have Liquid 2.1…

  4. What flash on Android have you been looking at??? It looks good to me. Much faster than JavaScript and very smooth overall. Many companies are working on, and in fact have released, alternatives, including Adobe. Why do you care anyway? How could it matter that a technology is available for you to use if you want it. Why would you want a technology to NOT be an option for you. Makes no sense.

  5. @Sean

    That’s silly because what you are practically saying is that in a desert you’d rather die of thirst rather than drink one drip of water and knowing that the oasis is miles away.

    it would be great if people started working on HTML5 and have it working tomorrow but it doesn’t work that way. it has to be phased in (or out).

  6. ONLY works on Driod version 2.2 so don’t get your hopes up!

  7. Sean: take it easy, man. YOU don’t have to use Flash. Nobody’s going to make you. In fact, you can buy an iPad and live happily ever after. But the rest of us have sites out there that use Flash (and other non-Apple-approved technolgogies) and would love to have them keep working while we wait for Sublime Video and other viable HTML 5 tools to actually come out. Look at the browser stats; we’re not just developing for the iPad! Google is doing us a world of good by being so inclusive…

  8. So if you were to get JIT compiler on your Eclair, it still would not work? Hopefully somebody can hack it and get it to work on Eclair

  9. if my mom noticed that there was no flash on her ipod touch, then I’m sure there are millions who would also switch to android if they knew that one has it and the other won’t.

  10. I can’t wait to get it :)

  11. I for one ,are a little upset (PISSED) I CANT GET (ADOBE FLASH)FOR MY huawei- andriod, ANDRIOD was left out of the loop, developers & sale pros @ cricket/ie: andriod huawei , should take a hint if your phones arent 21st century savy , WHY (buy$$$$$)your brand OF PHONE!!???

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