May 18th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 22nd, 2010, 4:14 pm

Joining a slew of other companies and developers at this years Google I/O, OnStar will be showing off its latest version of their Chevy Volt app, version 2.0. The big news here is that they are partnering directly with Google to push the integration between Android handsets and the Chevy Volt’s on-board OnStart computer. We had heard previous rumors of this team up.


One of the best features coming from this? The app will include a navigation tab displaying both your location and your car’s location, perfect for navigating that huge parking lot (or, if some good for nothing crook jacks your car, tracking it second by second from the back of a taxi cab barreling through the streets screaming like Jack Bauer in 24). The other obvious use here is for actual navigation purposes synced between your phone and car.

Now the kicker: the Volt app isn’t even currently available in its first iteration (it should be coming this fall), so no one can be too sure when the 2.0 features will be coming to Volt owners. They will be showcasing off their shiny new additions at Google I/O, and we’ll be there bringing you tons of coverage, so we’ll let you know as developments arise.

[via Engadget]