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The product page for the upcoming HTC Wildfire is now live, giving us a complete overview of what we can expect from this entry-level handset that sort of looks like a baby Desire or Nexus One. You’ll get all the bells and whistles of HTC Sense (a UI that has grown on me as it has been improved) including “next-generation” called ID, the ability to recommend apps from phone to phone, and all of the social-networking integration you could want. Check out the official promo video:

Perhaps the most interesting thing on the page is the description under the “Much better browsing” header (bolded for emphasis):

The HTC Wildfire comes with full Flash support for online video, pinch-to-zoom page resizing, and auto rotation from portrait to landscape.

Now we’ve seen a few manufacturer’s play the semantics game with the terms “full Flash,” so I’ll believe it when I see definitive evidence of this being the case. Either way the Wildfire looks like a great replacement for some of HTC aging lower-end line of smartphones. Head over to the product page for all the specs and info.

[Thanks to Carl for the heads up!]

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  1. I love what HTC did with this device, at a right price they will make a killing in UK on the mid end market.I hope they have plans of sending it to the US just like the Desire.

  2. The phone is being advertised as being Android 2.1 but maybe it will actually ship with Android 2.2. Could explain the inclusion of flash, being able to recommend apps etc which are expected to be in Android 2.2 announced this week.

  3. I hope that this means that the Desire and similar phones will get Android 2.2 pretty quickly.

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