May 13th, 2010

cedbeustYesterday Erick Tseng announced his departure for Facebook to head up their mobile division, and now Senior Software Engineer Cedric Beust is parting ways as well. He will be headed to LinkedIn to work with their mobile development. All of this just begs the question: what exactly is going on over at Google with their Android team?

Beust was under Google’s employ for six years, working on Java development for Android, and was an integral part to the Android team. Along with Erick Tseng, that’s two big names in as many days who have found a new home at social networking sites. I’d be hesitant to say something bad is brewing behind the scenes at Google, and would more chalk this one up to coincidence. In Tseng’s tweets and Beust’s blog posting announcing the move, there is not a negative word to be found about their experiences working on Android.

If anything, I’d say this is more a case of just how far Android has come. With the bulk of the heavy work done and Android now sitting pretty in the mobile market, these ex-Android team members most likely see the opportunity in using their experience to better serve another area of mobile development.

In his parting words, Beust makes one thing clear regarding the future of Android and the imminent release of Froyo: “prepare to be blown away by what you will see very soon.”

[via TechCrunch]