Phonedog Takes The Garminfone Out Of The Box [Video]


Noah from Phonedog.com received a T-Mobile Garminfone in its final retail packaging and did the world a favor by gracing us with an unboxing video. Everything here is your standard fare of  content, including showing off the items piece by piece and taking us more in-depth with Garmin-ASUS’ custom version of Android.

What’s most interesting about unboxing, though, is that the phone comes with some neat travel and docking accessories that you might otherwise find sold separately with other devices. Of the interesting items, included is an international-ready power adapter and several items to dock the phone to your car window (like you would a traditional GPS unit).

I’d appreciate a car-charger for those long GPS-intensive trips, but you can’t ask for the world (because in Soviet Russia, the world asks for YOU).

[Update]: Maybe I should look carefully, next time. As you guys said, there is indeed a cigarette lighter adapter to keep your GPS/Phone hybrid juiced up on the go.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That has to be the most boring smartphone on the market , not even close to competing with what’s out today

  2. If you watch the unboxing, a cigarette light adapter is included for “those long GPS-intensive trips.”

  3. 1.6 fail short for me.

  4. A car charger was included.

    Doesn’t look bad, but nothing earth-shattering in terms of the form factor. Some of the accessories included with the phone might draw some people in who were looking at a separate navigation device, or possibly those outdoors folks with whom Garmin has some attachment. I’d be interested to see how the UI functions. It seems that Android is the OS of choice for customization. I have mixed feelings on whether that’s a good or bad thing. There’s something to be said about having some features on an operating system that are immediately recognizable — and usable — from one device to another. Even with HTC’s Sense UI, most people familiar with stock Android can get around in the device.

  5. That is awesome that Garmin or TMO or both decided to include a car charger and a car mount. I think Garmin is on the right track by combining the portable GPS and a phone in to one. Similar to what Google did by bring the GPS Navigation to the Motorola Droid first then enabling it for android.

  6. the phone seems okey and perhaps some decent features but the UI is so cheep and boring

  7. I told you guys the UI sucked. what I don’t understand (as I’m not a Garmin user) is what the benefit is of using Garmin over Goggle maps (which is a standard featured on Android.

    I’ve used Google maps for highway navigation and it is deadly accurate. I’m I missing something?

  8. @Isthmus I think it boils down to simple name recognition. Garmin is betting on people loyal to the brand buying this phone. It also may be hoping that not everyone is familiar with Google Navigation, but know, or trust, Garmin as GPS device. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will think, “Hey, look at this. I can get a new nav device AND a phone in one shot.” There are SO many more people that don’t follow tech blogs than do.

  9. I don’t no why they would release that with 1.6. after buying the cliq with 1.5, I’ve learned never again. any new device I get will have 2.1 or I’m not buying!

  10. @isthmus I believe the difference is that google maps can not be used to navigate, or really at all if you do not have service. I believethe garmin phone has pre loaded maps and can work with just gps connection so you do not need service. Its more for people who go let’s say into the mountains with no service and still need navigation.

  11. I’ll reserve my judgement till he does a full review of the software. At least he did somehow get into the stock Android homescreens.

  12. I don’t see a 3.5mm port on that thing. I think these days that should be a requirement.

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