MyTouch 3G To Get An Upgrade To Android 2.1


I knew that when the T-Mobile G1 and  the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G were released, they’d be destined for an OTA gas chamber as their under-spec’d hardware proved too little to handle Android’s ambitious growth. While the MyTouch 3G has always been a bit more capable (in terms of ROM space, at least), the future looked bleak for it, as well.


That uncertainty can now be thrown out of the window as Andrew Sharrard – vice president of product innovation at T-Mobile – states they’re testing the new update internally. No word on how those tests are going, but we did learn that it’d be Android 2.1 underneath HTC’s neat-looking Sense UI (most probably the Espresso variation found in the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch Slide).

As for the G1? No word on any development for that device yet, but I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath. We’ll bring you more details about the OTA as they become available.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m still stuck with my G1 but waiting patiently until early 2011 when i’m done with my 2 year contract, then i’ll purchase the most current and powerful android phone at that time. It certainly must be a first generation phone with HDMI out and a front facing camera. I like 1st generation phones.

  2. will this update be for both the original MT3G and the MT3G 1.2 versions, or just 1.2 (since it has more RAM)?

  3. t-mobile… needs… better… android… phones… d@mmit!!!

  4. Yeah, I would ask the question as well, will it include the first MT3G version as well as the updated version? (I own the older version of the handset)

  5. @s – Get the Nexus One. It’s really nice. I sold my MT3G on ebay for about 230 and used that to by the N1.

  6. @ Dilbert. I did the same.
    N I love my n1

  7. Although I suppose that anything is possible.. The switch to Sense UI.. are you sure ?,, The link just says updating to 2.1 to match the Slide, and adding support for the genius button.. I didn’t see Sense mentioned, as being part of the update.

  8. CyanogenMod 5 (android 2.1) runs very very nice on a Google branded HTC Magic. ROM state is currently testing and promesses a lot.

    More info:

  9. I would love the Sense UI + 2.1, but I’ve had the original MyTouch since last Nov. (right before the Fender ver. dropped) & reading about the screen & network issues of the Nexus 1 has me thinking I will hold on, suffer without a keyboard, and bide my time until a decent piece of kit drops.

  10. I hope they have an option to turn off sense UI an let end users decide if they want to run bare bones 2.1

  11. I’ll believe it when I see it, to be honest.

    Wouldn’t that blow the “Google Experience” thing out of the water? My phone says “with Google” on it – I thought that basically meant only vanilla Android?

    As for if they can – I’m running Cyanogen’s 5.0.7 rom now, which is a vanilla 2.1 build, and it runs lovely, so I’ve no doubt it’s possible. I can’t see they’d actually bother at this point, though. I suspect this is a mistake, and it’s purely about the new, confusingly named MT3G.

  12. The MT3G is running 1.6, not 1.5.

  13. Oops, sorry, wrong article.

  14. @Dan Grover

    I think they would bother with the update because, it would be a huge mistake on T-Mobiles part to not release an update for the first gen MT3G users, especially after locking us into that 2 year Harpo special contract lol.

    I’ve been waiting patiently for the update for about 6 months now..and I can honestly say that if T-Mobile doesn’t release an update for this phone, then I won’t be releasing my money to Tmob after this stint is up.

    If push comes to shove, my warranty is up in just a matter of months and I’ll be rooting my device.

    I think Android is a good thing… but Apples uniform updates are looking pretty good to me at this point.

  15. i’ve been having trouble with my mytouch and talked to customer support..

    He let it slip that the 2.1 upgrade would hit mid october…

  16. Everybody keeps circulating tired 6 month old Rumors. Google doesn’t appear interested in anything but Verizon phones and their own HTC pieces of plastic garbage. T-Mo grabbed first adopters and kids with implied updates. I don’t believe any of them and Android must be failing if they have to advertise on TV. Symbian maintains 60% market share and Android gains on Apple’s system are by price alone. Android is dead – wanna bet? My mT3G is stashed with my first 286 – in a heap in the cellar. Email me when there is an update and I might dust it off.

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