Bid On A T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide


Well, isn’t this a treat? Seems someone has gotten careless with their early T-Mobile MyTouch Slide and wants to rake in some of that pre-release dough. eBay user brand0ncmg has listed the device on eBay with a starting bid of $750.00, as well as a Buy It Now price of $1,200.00.


We’re not sure who’s ballsy enough under T-Mobile’s wings to do this, but they’ve listed the item for 7 days (it’ll end on May 16th at 3:49 PM Eastern time). Conversely, we’re not sure who’s ballsy enough to buy this thing at a minimum of $750.00. Unless you’re a rich Phandroid who needs all of the latest devices as soon as they’re available, I can see this auction going by without anyone to adopt the poor thing (and to think the seller was going to ask for A LOT more before being consulted by David over at TmoNews).

Head over to eBay now to spend your next month’s mortgage on this device and get it a little bit before it comes out at – presumably – a much lower price point (as usual, if you do bid, be aware of the seller by checking their feedback: Brandon currently has 2 positives as a buyer, and no record of being a seller).

[eBay via TmoNews]

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  1. wow, what a bargain… :|

  2. I think its pretty dumb…it a mytouch slide…thats all. I know you gotta pay to play, but thats rediculous.

  3. |see there is quite a demand for it too.


  5. He he, this must be one of T-Mobile’s executives trying to make Slide look exclusive, hot, and desirable. Only TMO executives can be delusional enough to believe that Slide is a hot device.

  6. that sounds like an ATT exec.

  7. Looks like it was changed; its 500.00 w/ one bid and the ‘buy it now’ removed.

  8. Which one of you bid $500 on that thing?
    There is far better for similar or less $$$
    and unlocked

  9. @msgnyc

    The bitting starts at $750

  10. realyyyyyyyyyy sucks

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