Comprehensive 4-Week Learning Plan For The EVO 4G Launch, Early Prices Outed


Well, well, well, what do we have here? To our (and every other obsessed HTC EVO 4G fan out there) benefit, Radio Shack has been pretty lax on information about the phone lately, and the gravy train seemingly won’t stop rolling until we can snatch this device up for ourselves. A Palm Pre faithful – bnceo on PreCentral’s forums – was browsing The Shack’s (I feel so cool saying that) selection of Palm Pre accessories when he came across a 4-week learning plan for the EVO 4G.

Radio Shack EVO Sheets 1

The plan is meant to assist workers in getting knowledgeable on the device leading up to the rumored release date (which – according to the employee that let bnceo take a look at these fliers – is still believed to be June 6th). It’s May 7th now, so this puzzle doesn’t give me any problems in figuring out where its pieces go.

The fliers themselves don’t offer any new information on the phone itself, but the Shack employee was more than willing to spill out another piece of info I’m sure many of you have been waiting for: the phone will be priced at $200 on contract, with a $600 price point for those who wish to go unsubsidized. Pretty steep, but you have to consider the package you’re getting (and, as a glimmer of hope, AndroidandMe is reporting that you can get a $100 credit if you port your number from another carrier). If you don’t remember exactly what that aforementioned package is, head over to AndroidCentral for the full gallery of fliers.

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  1. I the Shack doesn’t tighten their information control after this article.

  2. Sweet. So coming over from ATT, This will only cost me 100 on contract?

    If have a second line for my wife, I wonder, can I get two of these at 100 each then?

  3. My god…I really just need this phone now!!!

  4. The EVO looks like an awesome phone, but…

    Did I miss something? Whatever happened to the Nexus One coming to Sprint???

  5. This phone still doesnt warrant me to switch to Sprint, maybe if I was on ATT…Id still rather stick with Verizon this phone doesnt do it for me, maybe if it had 1 gig of RAM…..

  6. I’m getting this phone. I opened up a 2 line credit and used one for the Sprint OverDrive (which is awesome BTW), and saved the 2nd one for this phone. My wife may cross over from AT&T too, but I am not sure yet. Either way, I am SO looking forward to this phone!

  7. I just spoke with Sprint and they said the $100 credit deal expired….sucks

  8. The $100 credit that you mentioned is only applicable to corporate-liable accounts (I guess they mean business accounts) only.

  9. Yeah, Radio Shack wouldn’t do deals like that anyway since they do instant rebates. They MIGHT run a free activation weekend, though.

  10. @JerseyGirl sprint has had the nexus one you just have to get it straight from the goog of course. and someone is totaly gonna loose there job for these consistant leaks! i can feel that!

  11. $199 is steep really?? The recession ended close to a year ago & so did frugality.

    I would even buy it at $600 or $700

    1. @Nick L I was referring to its non-contract price.

  12. @mistah_transistah its lose, not loose.

  13. @Mistah_Transistah : No you are confused, the N1 has NOT been available at all on Sprint. google.com/phone shows only ATT and T-Mobile and has been for quite some time.

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