ZTE Link Released in France


Coming in on the low end of the Android spectrum, the ZTE Link was unveiled this morning in France, and our friends over at Android France had a chance to get hands on with the phone. Part of a line of Android-based phones for the European market announced back at Mobile World Conference in February. The Link is an Android 1.6 device with a 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen at 320×240 pixels and a 3.2MP camera.


That’s not a bad looking phone, and could make for a great low-priced alternative to some of the higher-specced devices. You can check out a ton of pics of this humble Android handset from this morning’s event over at Android-France.

[via Android-France]

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  1. Way to go France, ;/ (not)

  2. This phone makes me depressed ;_;

  3. It looks okay but nothing amazing.

  4. I love the button layout. I think this should be like a stander. Where home is a physical button and rest can be touch base with the answer and hang up buttons for phone calls.

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