Samsung Tablet Could Be On Its Way Late Summer, Slated For SK Telecom First


Captain’s log, stardate 63842.5 (yes, I went to a stardate calculator for that): another Android tablet is on its way. Originally, we heard that Samsung would be bringing its tablet device they were working on in the second half of 2010. That was a pretty big window to go off of, but it seems Electronic Times has been able to pinpoint a date.


It’s reported that Samsung began working on the device – being heralded as the S-Pad – earlier this year, and now it’s on track for an August 2010 release. The tablet will feature Android (no specific version yet), a 7-inch Super AMOLED capactive display (a first for Android tablets, at the least), 3G, WiFi, and USB. SK Telecom users can rejoice in knowing they’ll most likely be the first to see this device.

[via Samsung Hub]

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  1. i couldn’t help but read that whole article in captain Janeway’s voice… tank you very much

  2. Super AMOLED :)

  3. A bigger version of their phone.

    Sounds good.

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