Apr 30th, 2010

htcincredibledroidvzwWhen I did my HTC Incredible Review I was debating whether or not to discuss signal strength. Driving around town, I continually noticed that when my Motorola Droid had 3 or 4 bars, the Incredible only had 1 or 2 bars. What the heck?

That did make me quite curious and I DID plan on covering that in my Motorola Droid vs. HTC Incredible video… but somehow I left it out. What I would have said if I didn’t suffer for short-term memory loss?

One quirk of the HTC Incredible seems to be a signal strength flaw. I continually noticed my Motorola Droid had more bars in more places than my HTC Incredible. Oddly enough, call quality was never an issue and I never dropped calls – in fact I often got flawless reception with ZERO bars.

The number of bars shown on the front-end UI isn’t always the best indicator of actual/realized signal strength – there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Rather than be alarmed, I’d consider this a glitch in display rather than a manufacturing flaw. Of course this is a story that I’m sure will develop.

And develop it has. So now I ask you, dear Incredible-owning readers, what has YOUR experience been with the HTC Incredible Signal Strength?

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