No Worries: Sprint Will Still Be Getting The Nexus One


I know some of you were upset about Google pulling a Verizon Wireless version of their self-coined superphone, but all hopes are not lost for those of you on America’s 2nd-biggest CDMA carrier. Speaking to a Sprint representative, AndroidGuys wanted to confirm that Sprint still had plans to bring out a version of the Google Nexus One for their carrier.


According to the rep, the phone is still on track for a May 2010 release with Sprint. Many figured Google didn’t want to launch the phone with Verizon due to the HTC Droid Incredible making its way to Big Red so close, so Sprint users were wondering what that meant for the Nexus One’s supposed May date being so close to the early Summer/June date we’ve been hearing about for the HTC EVO 4G.

Things can always change, as usual, and customer support representatives may not always be updated on the latest information, so take this for what you will. I know there are some users out there that still want a Nexus One over the EVO 4G for multiple reasons – does this help settle some of the anxiety you’ve had over the matter?

Look below for the full exchange.

4:04:26 PM : Jenny K: Please provide me the detail of your concern.
4:04:58 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: So today Google has said that they will no longer be bringing the Nexus One to Verizon. I’ve been holding out for Sprint to get it and have been waiting ever since Sprint’s press release saying that it IS coming.
4:05:29 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: I was wondering if Sprint will still be getting the Nexus One, and if so when?
4:05:58 PM : Jenny K: Please allow me a few moments to check this for you.
4:06:28 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Here’s the Sprint press release, btw… http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom&ID=1403426&highlight
4:08:08 PM : Jenny K: Thank you for being online.
4:08:33 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Thanks for taking the time to help.
4:10:39 PM : Jenny K: I have checked the information for you. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about the launching date of this phone. This is correct that we are going to launch the nexus. It will be most probably launched in May.
4:11:25 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: So just cuz the CDMA Verizon version is not happening, doesn’t mean that Sprint’s gonna bail also?
4:11:56 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: Isn’t it dangerous to launch the Nexus around the same time as EVO 4G? Or is Sprint not concerned about that?
4:13:30 PM : Jenny K: Yes, Nexus is different phone and EVO is different phone. The launch time of both the phone is different.
4:15:12 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: but isn’t EVO launching in June?
4:16:02 PM : Jenny K: Yes, you are correct. We are going to launch the EVO in June.
4:16:28 PM : Benjamin Rubenstein: But Nexus One is coming in May? Perhaps being launched around Google I/O?
4:17:13 PM : Jenny K: Yes, you are correct.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Jack Bauer and company were using Sprint branded N1s last night on 24 so I am sure its coming.

  2. @Carnell W: I didn’t see last night’s episode yet. Are you being serious? LoL

  3. wow using the the sprint chat to verify do u do standup as well? they know less that the trolls in the forums do.

  4. @drksilenc that is why I said take it for what you will, noting that customer service reps often have outdated information.

  5. Its this simple….Hesse wants to please the Sprint Users that want a lil more than the Hero But Dont exactly need all the Crammed features of the Evo. Smart move. Not to mention one of the main features is the 4G Part. If you dont care about the 720, HDMI Out, Dual Cameras, and think the screen is a little much then Hesse wants you to have the N1 as an option.

    Price the Hero @ 99
    N1 @ 199
    and the Evo @299

    Then you have 3 different level Touch screen Android devices And Call it a Day. Now if only he can hurry up wit a Qwerty Android other than the moment…can there be peace.

  6. he was using the HERO not the n1 unfortunatley… it had the big speaker grill

  7. its not really the cs standpoint that i h8 its that ozcar guide we have been dealin with links from that site in the evo4g forum for a while now and there just posting bs to get hits

  8. Seriously… Those reponses in the end sound so made it its ridiculous… Those reps NEVER speak that str8 forward. Most of the time they actually really have no idea. Or they just give u general speak. I Call BS on the transcript

  9. there hasn’t been a mention of the Evo’s price yet either.
    The nexus might be seen as a cheaper option.

  10. will it let us upgrade to android 3.X when that rolls out in a possible future? lol

  11. From Sprint’s press release:

    “Nexus One will not be available in any Sprint retail channels. It will be available directly from Google at google.com/phone. ”

    This could mean that you’ll have to buy a $529 phone and a Sprint plan separately. Only the T-Mobile phone is sold as a subsidized package.

  12. It could have been the hero but I could have swore it was the N1. They only showed the top of the phone by the grill so it was impossible to tell.

  13. For those who missed it, apparently workers at best buy were given a memo that stated the EVO will be $199 with contract. Not sure how much without. Ill find the link and post it.


  14. I’m pretty skeptical about the $199 price tag. Wish it were true but seems doubtful. Sprint plan prices are amazing but phone prices always seem to be pretty high in comparison to competition. The Hero just dropped to $99 on Sprints website. It was stuck at $149 for a very long time even though it had become so outdated. Most of that time (even when it was $179) Best Buy had the price of the Hero at $99 already. Won’t even get into the sky high HTC TP2… That finally came down as well even though Verizon had it far lower for far longer.
    Still… Even if the Evo comes oout at $299 I will definitely be ordering it from Sprint directly. Just for the fact that I can charge it to my bill and pay it out over a couple of months. lol

  15. I spoke to a Best Buy rep on Sunday and she told me the same thing that the phone would be around $199 and the best plan would be the $69/month Everything Data plan that includes 450 minutes to land line phones.

  16. This move is pointless for Sprint. But hey, if Google needs to grab the CDMA market, better use Sprint, right? But why, Google, why???

  17. @ 3 Phones Jugglin
    “Its this simple….Hesse wants to please the Sprint Users that want a lil more than the Hero But Dont exactly need all the Crammed features of the Evo”

    I like it! It gives users options. I’m planning on switching to Sprint in May when my AT&T contract expires, but was concerned I’d have to wait a few months for the Nexus One to arrive. I’ve never owned a smartphone and don’t really need the massive power of the HTC Evo just yet (GPS and web browsing is my main desire for a good phone). If the Nexus One arriving in May then it’s great news for me!

  18. Evo is just too big for me. It’s right on the edge of being able to easily fit in a pocket, and that’s a big deal. So Nexus One is for people like me. Would prefer the HTC Desire, but I’ll take the Nexus One. This is 4th month that Verizon has continued to fail to automatically credit my employee discount – getting old. Funny how when Verizon fs up it’s always in their favor.

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