Garminfone Wants to Navigate Your Life, Sign Up Now


The Garminfone was just made official last week, and now those eager to get their hands on this navigation-centric phone on T-Mobile can sign up to get all the updates their little hearts desire. T-Mobile has launched it’s Garminfone page, offering little in the way of shocking or surprising detail.


The basics are covered: the phone will have advanced navigation features, Android Market, messaging, yadda yadda yadda. You can sign up to be notified of the phone’s availability (expected to be late Spring) and check out a nifty 360 degree view of the Garminfone while you’re at it.

This one may actually be pretty useful for those traveling frequently in areas with poor cell reception or in roaming zones, as the on-board maps will require only the GPS signal to navigate. Google Maps still does a bang-up job for the average Android user, so expect the Garminfone to appeal to a more niche market.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. The most promising thing about this phone is that maybe one day Garmin will sell their Android Nav software separately, which would be vastly superior to any of the other Nav apps currently in the Market. I used to use Garmin Mobile XT on my old WinMo phone, and liked it a lot.

  2. Garmin missed the boat a long time ago. Will anyone really care about this “fone”? They are releasing it with android 1.6 (OLD!) because it’s the last release BEFORE google offered free navigation in later android releases. What a joke. How much money have you lost so far garmin? Is it because your egos are so big you can’t just say “we suck”? You should have sold apps from the get-go. Too bad your management can’t get their act together, the A50 will unfortunately fade into darkness just like the NeverFone G60 which sells for a penny on Amazon.com now. LMAO. Give it up Garmin, you are a sinking ship. Titanic perhaps?

  3. Sorry Garmin, I know your hurting now with all this free navigation,BUT CAN SOMEONE PLS RIP THE GARMIN NAVIGATION FROM THIS PHONE SO WE CAN PORT IT TO OTHER ANDROID DEVICES. tq and have a great day.

  4. I would definitely pay for a Garmin app for android.

  5. We have a Garmin, but we don’t need it anymore. CoPilot has been working great on my G1. Maps and POI data for both North America and Europe are installed on my SD card, so it doesn’t require a data connection. In Europe, it has worked better than BMW’s built-in navigation.

  6. Yo pagaría sin dudar esta aplocacion para el motorola milestone

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