Apr 22nd, 2010

Chinese consumer electronic company BMorn – known for their GPS systems and PMP devices – has decided to adopt Android as they take their first step into the blazing hot “slate” category of devices. Frankly, I’m a bit underwhelmed by this device: it’s running a slightly modified version of Android 1.6 (yes, that is an Android version that doesn’t, in fact, begin with a 2) and it’s powered by a RockChip ARM processor.

I’m not sure which processor is being used exactly, but you can tell from the video that it doesnt even handle Android 1.6 on the big screen all that well. It seems that it’ll support 720p video playback of some sort, but at this point, that’s all we know about it. It’s still an early prototype, though, so perhaps we’ll revisit this puppy when they’ve don some more work on it. When it drops, you can scoop it up for between $200-$250.

[via LeakDroid]