Apr 22nd, 2010

Well, look what we have here: Android is making its way into the classrooms. Josh Beck – an advanced programming teacher at Krueger Middle School (San Antonio, Texas) – has been incorporating Android programming lessons into his curriculum. On April 13th, one of his students – 14-year-old Christian Cruz – was the first to publish his first app in the Android market.


Just over a week later, he’s made over $50. The application – which I was unable to find on my Android 1.6 device – is simply an animated wallpaper (which is why I assume it’ll only be for Android 2.1 and up). The story is great, though. It proves that Android can be used as a learning tool for young developers (and, in turn, it stands to create more Android developers to keep pushing along its booming market).

I commend Josh Beck on taking this sort of initiative inside the classroom (and Christian, of course, gets a good degree of congratulations for his first paid app), and I hope the trend will be imitated and emulated by more educators in the near future.