Xperia X10 To Get Android 2.1 Sometime In September?


Mobiles.co.uk is reporting that a rep for Sony said that they’d be releasing a “big” update sometime in September for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. We’d assume that Android 2.1 is the update in question,  but we wouldn’t classify that as “big” seeing as multiple handsets are already getting their injection of the latest features from the Google camp.


For a phone as underwhelming as the X10, it’s hard to get excited – or even care – about this. The phone took far too long to launch, and numerous handsets have launched since then that have become a lot more attractive looking. Still, you guys with the handset “might” be pleased to hear this, but I’d be surprised if you hadn’t dropped your X10 for something better by the time 2.1 rolls around for it.

[via Cell Phone Reviews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. whoa Quentyn, :)
    That sounds negative on the X10 toward the end.
    I love this phone. Coming from a G1, I appreciate the 4″ screen, Sony’s custom interface, 8mp camera and faster 1ghz processor.

    Ha ha, I might go with other the users and call this site “HTC Phandroid” :)

  2. Hey mrXtc, I guess it’s more just frustration than hate. The Xperia is a great device by current standards, but its release and all the snags leading up to it just left a lot of people unhappy.

  3. It took a while, first announced in November, and delayed. I figured they were just ironing out the bugs. This isn’t running your stock 1.6, because it’s supporting multiple resolutions which I thought was first introduced in 2.0.

  4. Yeah, pretty negative at the end there. What really makes it that underwhelming in comparison to phones available now, other than the fact it’s running Android 1.6?

    I’m loving my X10, and haven’t experienced any of the issues that seemed to have plagued the pre-release firmware that reviewers were given.

  5. Yeah why all the hatin’ on the x10?

    I got me a desire (AWESOME.) but other than the firmware and slightly less ram than htc handsets (384MB) it’s the same as any of the other top-end handsets. Plus it has a bigger screen.

    It would be sweet if the desire/N1 firmware got ported though. Too much blue!

  6. you guys are just HTC fans.

    I have an X10, it easily competes with Desire, Droid, Incredible, etc

    It has some properties of 2.1 e.g Voice Search.

    All it needs it a software update, which can/will be done. In terms of hardware, it is the best looking android phone out, has the best camera, and its multimedia features are the best.

  7. Not missing 2.1 (not sure what I should miss!) because except for live-wallpapers, a lot of the type of improvements listed in the 2.0 (eclair) release were already put into this phone customized by Sony such as multiple resolutions, camera zoom, exchange support, mediascape..ect. We’ll just have to wait until september to see what this big update will bring.

  8. to look at this phone last year, it was amazing, now look at it and compare other phones to it. its kinda shity phone.
    htc evo has bigger screen two camera and kick stand.
    im gonna admit that i loved that phone, it took too long to even tell anybody when it was goin to be released and its releasing in countries that dont even have major supportor. plus it had only 1.6 and probally goin to take about another year to put 2.1 and by than everybody is goin to samsung galaxy s or samsung beam which is the best phone i seen possibley phone from LG.

  9. I can’t wait to get the X10 for my wife. Hopefully to run on T-Mobile USA. This news about 2.1 has sent me over the edge, going to run out and get this one ASAP

  10. @weiman
    x10i is the version for t mobile USA , it is what I use.

  11. I’m seeing a trend forming on all the gadget and mobile blogs.

    The Blogs have an instant dislike towards the x10 almost as if they were dating Sony Ericsson a while back and they were dumped horribly and the SE fans who were dying for SE to make a good phone that didn’t blow up or crash are just glad that the x10 doesn’t switch itself of randomly in the middle of a call.

    SE have always been a little bit disconnected with its fans but in the past sticking walkman or cybershot brands on to a feature phone was all that was needed to do so I’m going to go easy on them for a little as this is there first android smart phone. Compared to My HTC Touch Diamond my x10 servers me my media competently while I surf the web check my tweets, poke my friends and reply through my numerous email accounts. All while it feels amazing in my hand and the camera is amazing.

    I think the blogs underestimated the following of SE (probably due to the relationship split up) never mind the advertising power of the SE brand, this phone will sell like hot cakes but they better cough up that 2.1 upgrade LOL!

  12. Quentyn

    I am getting really fed up with you guys hating on anything accept an HTC device.

    My girl has this bad boy and it rocks!!! Blows my G1 out the water (just wish she’d learn to use it properly :)…)

    Anyways, stick to what you got this job for and report the news not advertising brands or bad mouthing other brands which (judging by your comments) I am sure you haven’t used in any great detail because your opinion would be very different.

    DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!

  13. Guys who have’t tried sex10i or Sony Ericcson x10, just try it out. Hope you don’t get addicted to sex10i.

  14. I have the x10a from rogers in Canada. Coming from an iphone 3gs I can honestly say I love my x10. It just kind of annoys me how not only this site but most sites seem biased or just has this inner hatred for SE. I really have not noticed any of the flaws that these sites emphasize. That being said I do hope that 2.1 fixes some keyboard issues I have been running in to or maybe I just suck at texting lol.

  15. Quentyn Kennemer, were you born with an inherent genetic incapicity to appreciate good looks. Cell phones are not just specs dude. Especially if I am spending so much on a small device which fits my palm, I would want people to notice it and say, WoW! All HTCs and iPhones you seem to worship, instead of going to church or something, look like round-edged bricks.
    And please stop sounding like a girl who has been dumped by her first love. How dare you call this “underwhelming” of all things? What phone according to you is “overwhelming”?

  16. I was looking at the updateded firmware for the X10
    correct my if I´m wrong but the version is 2.1 ??

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