3UK Getting 2 Versions of the HTC Desire


3UK might be late to the Desire game across the pond, but that doesn’t stop them from getting giddy about releasing the phone to their patient-heavy customers. 3UK announced this morning that they’d indeed be carrying the HTC Desire. They’re set to offer 2 versions of the phone: an unbranded version to push it out to the public faster, and a 3UK branded version of the phone to follow a month later.


I can’t imagine why you’d want to wait for branding unless that comes with an extensive color overhaul that would privy to your tastes. You can expect to grab this thing up on a 24-month long contract with 3UK, or you can opt for the Pay As You Go (unsubsidized) phone for £349. Follow this link for the full details.

[via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I mean this in a helpful way, not mean spirited. You might compare your use of the word “privy” with a dictionary.

    “…extensive color overhaul that would privy to your tastes.”


  2. Mine should arrive tomorrow. Fingers Crossed it’s the unbranded one.

    Three like to brand their phones and make UI changes.

  3. I don’t see why anyone would want a branded one. I’m currently using a Vodafone branded phone and it’s the first and last branded phone I’ll ever have.

    Updates take longer, they have bloatware and the branding on the phone itself doesn’t look pretty.

  4. Am getting mixed messages from 3.i was at the store today and one of the staff said the generic phones would be sold on contract.Does anyone know if this is true?

  5. @gad
    i believe so the article does say

    “You can expect to grab this thing up on a 24-month long contract with 3UK”

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