Android Market Now in 46 Countries


According to app store analytics group Distimo, free applications Android Market have found their way to 46 countries, up from only 25 a few weeks ago. Among countries new to the party are Brazil, Thailand, and Israel. The number of countries with access to paid apps in the Market has grown to 13, adding Australia to the list.


Distimo also ranks the top selling apps, and their latest list puts Beautiful Widgets at the top followed by MyBackup Pro and Advanced Task Manager. On the gaming end, the top listed sellers for the market come in as Robo Defense, Jewelllust, and Tower Raiders GOLD.

Good to see the Android Market is making its way to so many new places. There is no telling where our little green friend may go!

[via Distimo Blog]

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  1. Come on Google! Paid apps in Scandinavia now!

  2. Yes please. We need paid apps in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – what on earth is holding Google back?

  3. I could not agree more!

  4. Google free apps are available in India since long and it does not figure in the official Google country list. Strange.

  5. how about malaysia?????maybe 20yrs

  6. Come on Phandroid, give us a scoop on why Google is holding back paid apps for so many countries.

  7. Paid apps are also still not available in Poland; one of the related/linked above articles states they’ll be available “in the coming weeks” – too bad the article itself is from January 2009…

  8. So? Paid apps still arent even available in Ireland..and that’s where Google has it’s EU HQ!

  9. Does anyone even have some speculation for why Google could be holding back paid apps? It’s getting kind of ridiculous…

    And Motorola should get their fat asses to Scandinavia again as well. Fucking cunts, not wanting our money. :(

  10. Aye, where’s Scandinavia’s paid apps, Google?

  11. More than half of Europe is still without paid apps… that sends people directly to the iPhone and I can’t say I blame them.
    The Android Market is a mess. I’m getting tired of endless display of sexy wallpapers and cute Japanese girls. Access to paid apps will make or break Android in Europe.
    HTC Hero/Denmark

  12. Sending love from Israel. Happy to have the Market here.

    Of course it has to do with the 2.1 boost and the upcoming upgrades that will make 2.1 an almost-consensus.

  13. I bought an Android phone on the strength of Google’s reputation only to discover that neither is the Android Market accessible here nor is there any language support for Arabic/Farsi.
    I thought the United States was meant to be allowing Iranians to have access to communications technology (Google Talk etc) as part of it’s policy towards the country. Has Android not yet got the message? You guys are losing out to your competitors here – and it’s a big market. Hurry up Android and give us access to Apps and full Farsi language support.

  14. paid apps in malaysia pls.. android phone sell increase when htc desire launch in the country.. 1st day launch 10000+ desire has been sold

  15. Agree! Totally impossible to understand why Google/Android shoot yourselves in the foot like this. You have a chance against iPhone, but NOT if you treat new customers like this. It’s a disgrace! Will soon sell my HTC Desire and return to iPhone (thought Google/Android was an open company/market…)

  16. What is this?! Google / Android / HTC, you loose customers by not opening the option for BUYING apps in europe. That’s the only downside, but a really big one. I’m changing over to Apple. This is, as Erik stated above, a disgrace to your new customers.

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