Xtify Demo Showcases Geo-Notifications and Location Awareness


The MOTODEV team recently tweeted a link to a post on their blog showcasing a geo-location push notification SDK for use by Android app developers. The SDK and app developed by Xtify create dynamic notifications that can be deployed depending on a user’s location. In the example showcased recently at CTIA, upon arriving at the Las Vegas airport, the MOTODEV team was greeted with a welcome message and prompted to further explore the Xtify app.

The below video isn’t the most entertaining piece of viewing, but it is interesting to see the various ways that this SDK can be deployed.

Xtify’s geo-notification is not the type of tool that would form the basis of an entire application, but rather it would be installed to run in the background of other applications. For instance, an app based on a brick-and-mortar store such as Best Buy that provides a mobile portal to their online shopping could inform you of sales and special deals as you enter the store. Of course, I would hope apps deploying this SDK would have the decency to allow users the ability to turn the function on and off, or else I fear this type of power could result in a lot of advertising push notification spam.

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  1. i think this could be cool for beta testing, it would allow a dev to actually talk to his testers and tell them what he wants tested

  2. here’s the website:
    it’s a great service for keeping constant contact with customers!

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