Orange Set To Release The “Boston” Soon For Just 1 Euro


Looks like images of a new phone are making its rounds across the web today. Orange – who was originally rumored to be releasing their own handset – seems to be suffering the consequences of an information snake these past couple of weeks, starting when we first heard news of a phone called the “Boston”. Now the rumor has been followed up by some official looking promo images, and specs were following right behind it.


The device will come with a 3.2″ 480×320 touchscreen (we’re not sure which technology is being used here), a Qualcomm 600mhz processor, 256 megs of ram, and a 5 megapixel camera all being pushed along by Android 1.6. Foxconn is believed to be the partner that helped manufacture this handset, though we haven’t been able to confirm anything.

The phone looks nice, but customers with Orange might be more inclined to opt for the Motorola DEXT or the HTC Hero… that is until they hear they could grab this thing for as low as 1 Euro when it’s available! Nothing confirmed by Orange yet, but we’ll be glad to update you once we hear first word. Check out the full spec sheet below and let us know if this phone (at its rumored price point) will get you to grab it up the moment you can.

– 3.2″ screen at 480 x 320

– Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

– Qualcomm 600MHz processor

– 256MB RAM

– Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR


– microSD

– 5megapixel camera

– Android 1.6

[Thanks, Eurodroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Buuuut this is Europe, where even phones like the HTC Desire and X10 are free on contracts.

  2. agreed, free is no shocker, and that is extremely outdated in every way… so it won’t even pass as a decent budget phone because there are clearly better

  3. Excuse my ignorance regarding the European market: Free in America will net you something similar to a toy phone, heh.

  4. quentyn, welcome! Good articles, which phone do you have? Sometimes america has good deals like isn’t droid eris free?

  5. Ha, you got that right Quentyn.

  6. why is a european phone called the boston(a famous city in the US) ps…tht i live in lol

  7. Hey, mxtc, thanks for the compliment! I own a T-Mobile G1 since day 1, myself. And you’re right: I do remember the Droid Eris being free for sometime (through buy one get one free promotions and otherwise). But usually only Verizon has deals that good. My guess is they opt for those BOGO free deals because they easily make the money back through subscription costs and with the hopes of bringing in more customers.

  8. UK has been getting some great phones lately, and for free. What is the average price of a monthly plan and the contract length in the UK to get one of those??

    For instance in the US to get a discounted Nexus One, I think that you have to sign up for the monthly $69 plan (=45 pounds=50 euros) at 2 years. I think that’s 750 minutes a monthly + unlimited texting/data.

  9. @mac: I’d say the average new contract offer to get a new phone would be 2 years and around £30 which would get you about 600-750 minutes anytime and unlimited text/data. Although deals can be made with providers to get a decent discount off of this due to the competition for business. And even further discounts can be obtained when contracts are up for renewal, my last contract renewal I managed to get a reduced contract length to 18 months and a plan similar to that above for £25 and of course the all important free android phone!

  10. sorry that was meant to be @Mxtc!

  11. Thanks for the Info.
    Competition is intense here in the USA (as evidenced in the constant Verizon vs. AT&T television commercials) Since the technologies are very different, they use phones that are locked into carriers (Iphone on AT&T and Motorola Droid(milestone) on Verizon). T-mobile is collecting momentum with no-contract plans, and ability to use unlocked phones.

  12. And so what? The price of the phone is useless information unless the contact duration and monthly rental are also given for context. Many phones are free if you want to pay £100 a month for a 24 month contact.

  13. We Mass. Citizens are not that cheap!

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