Get Proactive With Your Public Wi-Fi Stealing Needs Using WeFi


Even with 3G coverage at most major points within a city, it’s easy to find yourself itching for a faster connection to use data on your phone (or to find a good spot to hook your laptop up with if you aren’t able to tether). WeFi makes that process one-hundred times simpler by aggregating crowd-sourced information for you in a database that will soon become your best friend.

The app takes user-submitted data to show you information about the WiFi hotspots in your area: are they secure? Do you have to pay to use any of them? Can you log-on for free and avoid having to pay anything to either your data provider or the provider of said hotspot? This app will definitely find its permanent spot on your phone if you ever needed to know about the connections available in your area.


The biggest selling point for me has to be that you can enter your current address and find out where all the hotspots are hiding in a much larger spectrum (something that becomes an invaluable tool when relying on just your phone’s WiFi range to see what’s in your immediate vicinity). I intend to try this out myself as I’m quite the cheapskate and would love it if I could freeload my way out of having to pay for my data plan.

It might be worth giving WeFi a shot if you aren’t happy with your current solution. Check the Android market for the app or use this convenient QR code.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. brilliant. i’ve been without a data plan on my g1 for about 6 months now, and it hasn’t been too bad. my life is basically at home, or on sdsu campus…and both have really good wifi. this could fill in the spots between!

  2. can you crack wep with it? :)

  3. Haha I think that’d err on the lines of illegal.

  4. “…avoid having to pay anything to either your data provider or the provider of said hotspot?”

    if your on wifi, you should NEVER have to pay anything to your cell phone provider. wifi has absolutely nothing to do with your cell provider. the provider of the hotspot can charge you, but it would have to be up front billing.

  5. Fupadroid what I meant by that, was avoid having to pay for data PERIOD, thanks to the fact that you would be using some free wifi hotspots. This would be useful for people on metered data plans (which, unfortunately, still do exist).

  6. @markiz: that is illegal. There is no way a phone would have enough power, let alone battery to crack wep.

  7. Hey quent, when you post up the qr codes could you maybe make it a link too? I visit phandroid on my phone more than my computer, and I cant scan a qr code with my phone if its on my phone haha. Thx, makes getting the apps that you guys talk about a little easier

  8. It’d be nice if you mentioned the ton of Market reviews (including my own) that warn potential users about this app’s fatal problems. It won’t make a successful connection on my N1. Not ever.

  9. @noidea – could it send info to a bunch of clusters to crunch… ;)

  10. @noidea
    You dont need a lot of power to crack WEP. the 1GHz in current androids are quite enough to do it.

  11. Enter your current address? With GPS technology, that seems kind of barbaric!

  12. The QR code posted doesn’t seem to link to Android Market for some reason. Unless that is just my phone ?!?!

  13. No problem with the QR code linking me to the Market on my G1.

  14. Ditto on the live link. I only look at this site on my Droid when I have a free moment. Link would be nice.

  15. Uh… you barely need any cpu power or battery power to crack wep. In fact I’m currently testing a linux terminal port of aircrack to android. Its sniffing and being put into monitor mode for wifi, but the weps aren’t coming up. I think I know what’s doing it tho. So I pretty much just because the most famous man in “anti” hacking.. or “free internet god” whichever you’d prefer :D

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