2.1 for Motorola Backflip Coming in Q3


Just in from the Motorola support forums is the announcement that the upgrade to 2.1 for the Motorola Backflip will take place in the third quarter of this year. With the second quarter just commencing the OTA is still not much closer, but at least the new update now has a definitive timeframe. Not the smallest timeframe albeit, but good news for Backflip owners who were told of this update a while ago.


Not much more information can be provided on a specific date other than the timeline provided. The release could be as soon as mid-summer or as late as the early fall. If the notorious hang-ups that delayed the Droid 2.1 upgrade and many others have anything to do with it, who knows if the upgrade will make it out before the fourth quarter commences.

EDIT: I was thinking in fiscal years in my original posting, but have updated the post to reflect the proper quarters based on a regular year. Thanks to the ever vigilant commenters who pointed this out and sorry to anyone who got their hopes up.

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  1. Ummmmm, don’t you mean that Q1 has just ended????

  2. Umm… unless I am mistaken we are in Q2 now. Q3 will not start until July 1st and end on September 31st.

  3. “With the second quarter just ending, this means the new update should be arriving within the next 3 months.”

    Wait, what? These releases do not go by Fiscal Quarters, do they? That can’t be right.

  4. Sounds like just enough time for AT&T to completely ruin the OS and take out all the features that make it worthwhile.

  5. Nope- Motorola’s fiscal year is synced with the calendar year. This article could use some cleaning up.

  6. Are there people who actually bought this phone?

  7. “Are there people who actually bought this phone?”

    Yep, and I love it!!

  8. Yes there are people that bought this phone, my wife is one of them. She didn’t want a Droid because it was too ugly. She hates Apple with an absolute PASSION so she went with the Backflip and mainly because of Moto-Blur. She is a social network addict and loves the whole everything in one spot widgetness of Blur.

  9. Good to see the update for the Cliq is still in Q2

  10. I have the Cliq and have been waiting for the update which has been pushed back a few times so if they say 3Q they actually mean 1Q 2011 :) then it will be recalled and sent back out 2Q 2011.

  11. Good on Moto for working on upgrades to their current lineup instead of just pushing out new devices and making the old ones paperweights.

  12. i have a backflip to ass hole

  13. “i have a backflip to ass hole”

    Might want to get that looked at.

  14. This idea of upgrade until Q4 is ridiculous and weird. I will auction my Motorola Backflip on ebay for anything and get HTC Desire.
    AT7T need to do better than hold us hostage.

  15. What about the devour???? I don’t like the idea of being locked into 1.6 If the backflip is getting it, they have obviously got passed the hurdle of get motoblur to work w/ the new OS. Coming on guys, lets get 2.1 for the devour too.

  16. I have a backflip and i love it! I would definetely recommend it to anyone who likes android. FUN PHONE!!!!

  17. This is GREAT NEWS for anyone who was told that the backflip was stuck on a single OS version. Props to the anti-paperweight comment. Even with the old OS, the keyboard and MOTOBLUR make the backflip worthwile for anyone who is into social networking.

  18. AT&T is the best cell phone company. they are all polite, smart, and helpful. I went to get my backflip because it was voted the most ultimately best phone for 2010, and they showed me the HTC one. it is small, and not that great. backflip is the way to go!

  19. I had an iPhone then was introduced to the backflip. I love the backflip and wouldn’t change it for anything. I just need the upgrade!

  20. Ok, here it is 2 weeks into Aug. Where is that 2.1 upgrade???

  21. Verizon has already released Android 2.2. Come on AT&T I’m stuck with 1.5 and can’t use many programs nor view a lot of PDFs or website links currently out there! Why is the biggest and hopefully the best mobile service being left in the dust? Get in the groove and catch up.

  22. Is 2.1 available for the backflip yet?

  23. Ummm… let’s see october 1st end of q3 where’s my backflip upgrade … for real

  24. October 7th….no 2.1 yet!?..Smh WTF..Im going to have to whoop A__!!!

  25. its october 15th and im pretty sure its in the 3q when can i update to 2.1 on my backflip?
    is there even a set release date yet??

  26. There is an official timetable from Motorola. It has been changed from Q3 to Q3/Early Q4. That means, hopfully, soon, at least before December I hope.

  27. The update to 2.1 can’t come soon enough. It’s already early Q4. Come on AT&T! Get on the ball!

  28. I just got this phone.. hopefully the update actually happens, and doesn’t get pushed back indefinitely.

  29. Hi,
    I bought a refurbished backflip approximately two months ago. I like the phone except one aspect. I am finding it difficult to answer an incoming call when the phone is in “locked state”. The “answer button” simply doesn’t slide on the touch screen.Occasionally I miss the incoming calls because I couldn’t answer it. Is this an isolated problem or common problem with all backflips?

  30. I just bought my phone and the slide works fine. My only complaint is when is the yupgrade gonna be available and somedays my battery last all day no prob and others it’s dead in 6-8 hrs. total bummer any suggestions.

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