NFL App Launches on Verizon


After the their contract with Sprint ran out, the NFL was quick to sign with Verizon as the exclusive mobile provider of NFL content. Now the result of this partnership is coming to fruition with the release of the NFL Mobile app for Android (and other VZW) devices.

thumb_550_Verizon NFL

The app gives users quick access to draft and league news, videos, information on top prospects, and the latest from the NFL Network. You can assign favorite teams and sign up for draft and team alerts to track your top teams and players throughout the season.

On first impression, the app is pretty straightforward and provides access to a ton of news, information, and statistics. It could come in very handy for those who enjoy tracking the draft, and it will definitely be getting some use from me once the NFL season kicks off.  Navigate over to, or simply snap the QR code to check it out for yourself.


[via PRNewsWire]

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  1. NFL Mobile and my beloved Droid… together at last!

  2. Wow, where can I get an ultra-thin Droid like that one? :) Maybe the folks at Adobe could help.

    Ahh, I’m just teasin’ – I love my Droid, even if it is thicker than those Droids in the magazines…

  3. oh well, sad to see it leave Sprint but if it meant that it will keep my monthly cost down then: “Bravo to Sprint!” I guess the extra $30 Verizon users have to shell out for having a smartphone is finally paying off.

  4. Happy to see it go. That is one app less that I don’t have to strip off.

  5. Lame. This completely goes against everything Android and its community is supposed to stand for… a proprietary app restricted only to VZW subscribers. The NFL is a perfect example of how terrible Capitalism is. Go Lions!

  6. Crap….no incredible….hell oh Well.

  7. Pffft, I’m an NFL fan from the UK, what do we get? Nothing.

  8. Dear NFL,

    You’re doing it wrong.

  9. The NFL can’t so much as hail a taxicab without signing an exclusive agreement with someone.

  10. That app wasn’t really worth much. I mean if you just want to keep track of stats, espn or any other site works. But for someone who wants to watch streaming (REAL TIME) NFL games, I use NFL Superfan. Gives the luxury of watching every NFL game on your phone in real time. Great for when your prenagant wife makes you go to the store in the middle of a sunday, lol.

  11. Aw hell! I’m just gonna enjoy the app!

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