HTC Incredible To Be Officially Announced Monday!


Guess who’s bizzack? Anonimac! After leaking the Incredible User Guide and the Incredible Equipment Guide he made it trifecta by hooking up our readers and members with an internal email showing the Incredible will probably be officially announced on Monday!


Perfect timing by Verizon, if you ask me, that is if they do indeed announce the Incredible on Monday. People were incredibly interested and just as the buzz started to wane, a flurry of leaks came out. Now pretty much nothing is left uncovered, so the fact that the announcement won’t be prolonged a few weeks will definitely keep the Android/Verizon-faithful happy.

We don’t USUALLY want the weekend to be over… but for those waiting oh so desperately for the HTC Incredible to arrive, I don’t think they’ll be too depressed when Monday arrives.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Oh yeah! Hopefully this holds up…come on Verizon

  2. How many ram does this have? is it confirmed?

  3. ms pink phones. blahhh….

  4. I was starting to wonder why no announcement or official buzz was starting around this phone. It was making me think something had to be wrong with it and they wanted to just keep it in the background. Can’t wait for Monday now.

  5. This sounds great.

    Lets see on monday.

  6. If this happens, I will be UBER happy. I have to wait until May regardless (boo hiss), but hopefully by then all the bugs and complaints will be worked through!

    Still wish the N1 would be first – Not a fan of Sense. But, it’ll do :)

  7. it’s for ms pink phones. . .sorry.

  8. So, do you guys the HTC Incredible will be released in Europe someday? Or is it really exclusive. Would suck if it wouldn’t be released in Europe…

  9. Sorry, this phone will NOT be announced. The MS garbage phones will be announced- yes, I’m sad too. Oh well, Incredible should be coming soon.

  10. 576 Ram

    look at page 201 on the instruction manual

  11. How can we be sure that the phone won’t actually go on SALE on Monday? The only hard dates that’ve been thrown around were from BestBuy documents, which also has the LG Cosmos coming out later this month, when it’s already out in VZW stores. Makes one wonder, eh?

  12. But do you think this means just an announcement or will they actually have the darn phones? I returned the Droid and have been living off of a regular phone w/ no internet or e-mail capabilities as I wait for this or the Nexus one to come out….I’m dying slowly.

  13. I agree with Bigwillie. The Pink announcement is expected on Monday. There are plenty of pictures of the press invites floating around.

    I agree that even if the phone will be released later, it would make sense to start the buzz. This leads me to wonder whether April 29 (25th?) is merely the announcement of the phone, but it won’t be available until some time in May.

  14. it is pink phones from MS

  15. Anyone care to elaborate as to why they think this announcement is for the Pink phones and not the Incredible?

  16. Its definitely from MS….they have an event scheduled w/Verizon for Monday and the invitations that went out had the same tag-line…”its time to share”


  17. I am done. Tired of the fake leaks from Verizon or HTC or wherever they are coming from. Is it really that big of a deal for Verizon to have an actual date as to when a new phone is coming out? Never mind actually release a damn phone, just give us a date. But whatever, it has become a joke. Adios Verizon, done waiting. Your service is good, but I’ll love without it. You big tease.

  18. @enoughAlready
    Totally agree, Doesn’t it make more sense to give us a date that way it might prevent someone from jumping ship or if on the fence on carriers. We know most people go to the best phone or supposed best phone vice choosing best service (i.e. iPhone)

  19. well if you read it clearly says april 29th it will be released at best buy guess thats not a good enough date for you.

  20. They push the Incredible back far enough, I might just wait to see what Apple’s got. I have no loyalties, but I am impatient.

  21. Going with Dustin. How the heck anyone thought this was about the Incredible is well, incredible. Its MS Pink. Their tag line has been “Time to share” (just google “time to share microsoft pink”), whats the first line from this email? “Time to Share”. The Incredible might be unique with android and internal memory (maybe) but the average folks wont see it that way. Its MS Pink. Android isn’t really a big social happy system, but Pink phones will be. Its really a no brainer.

  22. Hahaha, looks like Anonimac blew it with this one. Oh well, we all make mistakes. Does anyone actually care about the Pink phones? They might have been interesting three years ago.

  23. And while I’m at it, I’m with #20 Andrew on this one. My contract’s up this month and I’m on an enV1. I want a new phone. If the Incredible isn’t in stores at that point, bye Verizon and bye Incredible. You took too long.

  24. To add on a theory that would involve the Incredible. It does say “The Journey Begins Monday”. Perhaps every monday for the next 3 weeks they’ll announce 2 phones. That would satisfy the “Code Name: 6” if six meant 6 new phones. The last monday would be time to announce the Incredible.

  25. ORRr….

    It’s the Microsoft Pink.

    Perfectly timed for microsofts ‘secret event’

  26. Umm… This is most definitely pink. The email even has two of Pink’s taglines in it.

  27. To all of you who are saying your goodbyes, an that Verizon took too long… what are you switching to? The only comparable phone is the N1 and it seems pretty flawed. Not to mention putting it in your jeans pocket could break the thing and its having 3G connection and touch screen issues. The EVO wont be out till June. So I’m on board at least until then. But then again, the Inc will be out by then so I think ill be plenty happy with my Incredible.

  28. sweet i took my droid back after having it for 3 weeks.
    I took it back when i saw the leaks on this phone.
    Best news ever

  29. For those of you leaving cuz you just can’t wait, thank you. Better chance for me to get one for myself as these will go fast!

  30. Why would Verizon use the EXACT same slogan for this email that Microsoft is using for its April 12th event? You COMPLETELY jumped the gun on heralding the arrival of the Incredible.

  31. So i could just get the incredible at the end of the month with the knowledge that the evo 4g will be coming to sprint in a few short months? The evo is a better phone in every sense. IMO the best feature is the fact you can use it as a mobile hot spot which will be so handy for my job I can’t even describe. Giving up a tiny bit of network reliability may be worth the switch. Thanks for trying verizon but you waited a bit too long to announce the future second best android.

  32. From what I heard at my local stores here.. Incredible is having stability issues with 2.1 similar to the N1 and won’t be released to soon. However Monday is to announce 2 new LG Windows CE phones that are like the EnV Touch. Holding my upgrade for the Incredible though.

  33. @Chris
    quote “well if you read it clearly says april 29th it will be released at best buy guess thats not a good enough date for you.” quote

    When I hear from Verizon I’ll believe it, the 29th is defintely a random date. but the statement was more in general to what most carriers do.

  34. Let me get this straight – we wait for the latest/greatest Android and get a 3g, not a 4g, phone. Everybody needs to remember that 3g is 5kb to 1.5 mb while 4g is 2 to 5 mb. my vote is to wait till xmas when 4g phones will b out (iphone 4.0?)

  35. @louns “To all of you who are saying your goodbyes, an that Verizon took too long… what are you switching to?”

    At this point, I’ve had enough with Verizon not only not being able to bring out one of these phones (N1, Incredible) etc., and might be willing to wait it out IF there was some REAL release date. But since all we get are bogus leaks or meaningless pictures (that are supposed to get us all excited)…I give up. Not giving anymore $ to Verizon.

    So what will I do? Likely get an iPhone.

  36. i think its Microsofts project pink

  37. One would think that VZ would have their 2010 hi-end phones to take advantage of their 4g network

  38. Verizon has stated that they will only launch their 4G in 25-30 markets today, and that they don’t expect to have the first 4G LTE phone until summer 2011. Sprint jumped the gun on 4G, using Clearwire WiMax, which LTE ccan top aout 3x faster than. Plus, the Incredible is in every way EQUAL to the Incredible except for the inclusion on ability to access Sprint’s extermely spotty 4G WiMax network. If you actually look it up, the specs are equal. Why wait for the Evo just because of Saccess to Sprint’s spotty 4G network, when you can get on the primiere Verizon metowrk on an equal device now?!?!?!

    just to clarify though, this announcement is for Project Pink NOT the Incredible. Remeber the actual pic above states Monday is only the BEGINNIG of this JOURNEY with the arrival of 6 devices like the other leak said.


  39. Firstly, Robhimself, the EVO is “a better phone in every sense”? Are you frickin kidding me? It has 1 gig of internal memory vs 8 with the Incredible. It has an LCD screen vs AMOLED with the Incredible. It has only a b/g WiFi connection vs b/g/n with the Incredible. So on and so fourth. As far as 4G…its going to be a scam until, at the earliest, NEXT YEAR because its only in test markets. And using the Incredible on a wireless N network, which you can’t do with the EVO, is faster than 4G.

    And a friend of mine works at Best Buy in their mobile department. He, for 100% sure, has confirmed that Best Buy will release the Incredible for sale on April 29th.

  40. Now It’s almost a certainty that one of these phones will be one of the MS “Pink” phones because the “It’s Time to Share” tag line in the e-mail….

    But what if
    “It’s Time to Share”
    “Lets Get Social” and
    “It’s New, It’s Unique, Living exclusively on Americas largest and most reliable 3G network”
    Are 3 separate tag lines for 3 separate phones (Pink, Turtle and Fill in the blank)

  41. definitely microsoft project pink, read the info microsoft leaked to gizmoto they use the same taglines


    Microsoft’s sent out invites for an event on April 12th, plastered with the phrase “It’s time to share.” It’s double entendre about their leaked “Pink” social networking-centric phones, see!?!

    A few weeks ago, tipsters leaked us photos and marketing materials for Microsoft’s “Pink” feature phones, littered with the motto, “Make Your Network More Social.” The graphic design in the invites is similar to that in our leaked materials, as is the hipstery tone and aesthetic.

    Also, our image leakster, who works for a third party, actually had a Pink “Pure” unit in hand at least a month ago. Or hey, it could be something else! (But not really.)

    Update: Ina Fried at CNET confirms through her sources that it’s Pink, and that information leaked to us indicating that the phones are coming to Verizon Wireless was correct.

  42. busa2006,

    Incredible may possibly have 8gb of built-in media storage, but only has 512mb rom (about half OS and half for apps).

    The EVO device you refer to for Sprint has a 1gb rom, so three times the app space.

    No device will have an 8gb rom for a looong time. Too expensive for fast memory. 8gb rom would double the price for the phone (at least).

  43. Oh well. I’m a back to thinking something just doesn’t seem right with this Incredible launch. It seems to me that other phones like the Droid at least had more pictures leaked and hands on video this close to a launch. Didn’t the Devour even have more lead time? And the EVO is already confirmed officially and its not coming out till summer. I highly doubt the buzz will die since its tied to their 4G rollout along with the other features.

    It just seems like its getting way to late to start Incredible buzz. The only people that know about it are people like us that watch for these phones to come out. At that rate it won’t sell much better than the N1 off the bat. I can’t help but think either they don’t look at this phone as a big deal or something isn’t right with it. Could it be that the OS on the shippped units really does have problems and they’re trying to be sure an update will be ready to go at launch? Then again why would it be flaky…its just an N1 or Desire in a different body with some tweaked hardware specs.

  44. Meant to also say that if they don’t look at this phone as a big deal could it possibly be the “Droid’s Eris” and we’re in for a complete surprise? The only surprise at the moment could be another model of the EVO.

  45. If VZW, acts like they have with other announcements, expect to be dissappointed.

  46. Correction… If you want info on MS Pink, you won’t be dissapointed. If you want info on Incredible and or Nexus One, stick with the Q1-Q4 time frame. :(

  47. Who cares about the 1024 rom that the EVO claims to have. You can access apps or music or video from the 8GB internal memory on the Incredible. Or from the expansive microSD memory slot. 8GB of internal memory is still way more than the EVO has.

    No one said anything about 8GB of rom.

  48. Sad day if its MS Pink :( I want Android!

  49. @Busa2006:
    ROM=internal memory, which neither the Incredible nor the Evo will have, as was stated earlier. The only thing that will be 8GB with the Evo or Incredible is the microSD card that will come included with BOTH phones.

    And if that seriously isn’t enough space (which it might not be with 8mp photos), just buy another freaking card. Don’t bash or praise a phone for the SD card it comes with, geez.

  50. I’m sorry, I meant neither the Evo nor Incredible will have 8GB of ROM

  51. This Monday announcement is just that football promo, right?
    Football. Woo.
    God knows it’s hard to get any decent coverage of football.
    Enjoy it football fans. I’m just a curmudgeon.

  52. These leaks are a joke. It’s become like Elvis being sighted at the mall. It’s a phone. Give us a real release date Verizon, or let’s end this affair already. This has become a joke of a way to market phones.

  53. It has nothing to do with the Incredible. Verizon is announcing the release of the Android app for the NFL. They recently got the deal inked to get all of that NFL Mobile stuff from Sprint. Here’s the link from androidcentral.com;


  54. @busa2006 Amoled screen sucks! I know because I have a Nexus One. I can barely see the freaking screen in direct sunlight. I prefer LCD over Amoled.

  55. Definately pink. everyone already knows that so I’m not sure why you would run a story that it could possibly be Incredible. Plus for you guys that are hammering on the N1.I haven’t had any trouble what-so-ever with mine maybe yall just got a lemon.

  56. …….hummmm well I hope for a new android phone but……romors are just donors sometimes. Well we will see.

  57. sooo…. no incredible today eh?

  58. I can’t wait for that phone to be released, Once I buy it I will accompany it with this case http://htc-incredible-cases.com/htc-incredible-cases-Wigan-Horizontal-Case.html

  59. I’m bored and done with waiting for the Incredible! Now, I will wait for the HTC Scorpion…what’s another year’s waiting…

  60. @incredible cases
    Nice spam. Also, that is seriously one UGLY phone case.

  61. Called it. :)

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