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While original Samsung Moment owners on Sprint still await an upgrade from their Android 1.5 to something deuce or above, we’re learning (and seeing) that the manufacturer/carrier duo are working on the sequel – the Samsung Moment 2 – which will rock Android 2.1 out of the box. Here is a rumored/leaked picture of the device from WeRandroid:


Although it reportedly won’t have a SUPER-AMOLED like its Galaxy S brethren, it WILL have a full keyboard which the more highly spec’ed S can’t claim.

But this makes me wonder… is this a sign that the original Samsung Moment won’t be getting any update? Will they expect customers to purchase the upgraded hardware in order to receive the upgraded software? Of will the bump in specs (still unknown) be large enough that Samsung and Sprint feel comfortable giving original Moment owners the upgrade without fearing it will prevent additional sales of the Moment 2?

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  1. Here’s what I don’t get…both the moment here and the high end LG phone from the prior post both look great. The droid looks great. I’m not talking specs, I’m just talking physical appearance of the phone.

    But all of them insist on putting their directional doodads on the right hand side. Why not put them on the left? Putting ’em on the left makes the controls on the phone so much more natural for gaming. It works like a controller in your hand and it’d be great.

    I suppose there’s some argument that people can more easily control and navigate things with their right hand…in that case – reach up to the trackpad and use that. I reach up for the trackball on my G1 all the time. Admittedly, because of the design of the phone it’s a bit closer, but still.

    Put the directional doohickies on the left, please!

  2. I, for one, will be VERY pissed if Sprint/Samsung leave the original Moment owners high and dry for an update. I’d like to assume that the Moment 2 will include 4G, and we’ve heard rumours in the past of the new Sprint TV being debuted on it, and those upgrades will enough to entice upgrades and new users to the phone.

    People in Sprint’s marketing dept would be pretty stupid to not consider that leaving the original Moment on 1.5 would HURT sales of a new phone anyway… It gives the consumer the mentality that Sprint/Samsung didn’t take care of the original Moment users, so how we expect them to take care of the Moment 2 users?

  3. One thing I can say is that I’m enormously impressed with the keyboard for the Moment and wish other physical keyboars were just as good. The Droid could learn something from the Moment. I sure hope the Droid 2 rocks a WAY better keyboard. But hey I guess we can’t have everything we want in one phone…thats just far too much to ask.

  4. Sprint has to release the 2.1 update for the original moment. They have said it in there twitter post’s. If they don’t, we are all getting moment 2’s for free under a class action law suit. I only considered the moment once I heard it would get updated, if they don’t then I am a victim of false advertisement.

    Speaking of which, we are now in early 2nd Qtr. Hey Sprint, where is my update?

  5. Looks like a good phone but they need to release the update on the first phone.

  6. What a waste of a 2nd phone when you have the Galaxy Pro and it’s rumored Pro S with keyboard out there. This is dull, boring, and I bet just as thick as the Moment. Same big bezel and little screen. And I thought Palm was bad with bezels. If I have to carry a little brick, at least maximize the screen real estate.

    And sorry, I don’t game, and you don’t design a phone around gaming and alienate the masses since they don’t game either. Get a PSP. Phone first, PDA second, media device third, gaming system last.

  7. sounds like another instinct scenario…….. but they’ll still get 2.1 because they’ve been promised it, just not much past that, moment 2 im sure will get froyo update

  8. i have a moment and it will most def be my very last samsung smart phone

  9. If I understand what’s happening with FroYo & Gingerbread, the carriers won’t be much more than the delivery boy. The update will be pushed out by Google to handsets. If anything, it’s up to Google to cater these updates for our handsets. If anything, not everyone will be upgrading to the latest & the greatest. If anything, the original moment should be good to at least FroYo.

  10. the samsung moment has solid specs, it can handle updates for the foreseeable future. It would be a waste of hardware to leave it behind. Sure the g1 and mytouch are hardware-challenged and i wouldnt expect them to be relevant going forward but the samsung moment has a better processor, more ram, it can handle better and more demanding software and it should be allowed to.

  11. The presence of the hardware keyboard makes it a doorstop in my book.

  12. @Jim T

    Seriously… I’ve been bitching about this ever since I first saw the droid. Can’t believe it hasn’t materialized yet. Having directional doohickies on the left with either a trackpad or trackball on the right is my dream setup. It would be perfect for a first person shooter.

  13. Jim/Jason: directional “doohickies” are on the right side on any normal keyboard, so they go on the right side on the phone’s keyboard. If you’re that upset about not having the gaming controls you think you want you should maybe find some games that use WASD for directions, like any PC game.

    Dogsby: the hardware keyboard is the only reason I care about this thing over the other offerings on the table.

    I was waiting for 2.1 to come out for the Moment but the fact that this thing has a far less goofy keyboard means I’ll be waiting even longer to upgrade away from my HTC Mogul (it’s been a fine workhorse).

  14. Having the d-pad on the left side for gaming only makes the phone MORE functional! PC users don’t have a choice with the arrows on the right side, but most of them who also use controllers on game consoles DO prefer having the controls on the left side. This has been the set up for controllers since the NES (1984). I agree that the phone should come first… but using the d-pad to simply find a link on a page doesn’t require the d-pad to be on the right side. Since everyone has been brought up to control games on the left side, it makes much more sense functionally to have the d-pad on the LEFT side. Also, the supposed Moment 2 keyboard is way less functional for gaming as well. The keys have to be off set so you can have the traditional cross shape d-pad. Have the keys all even makes you skip over other keys to make your cross shape. Clearly the designer did not have gaming in mind at all…

  15. Thats bull ish, that is not a leaked photo, u guys are pathetic, put some real news up. Theres no way theyve even started to develope a sequel, no way.

  16. I have the samsung moment. Personally I can’t wait for the new one to come out. This phone is awesome the way it is now. So I can only imagine the way the new one will be. Hopefully sprint will allow us to get the upgrade….I definately want the samsung moment 2!

  17. I have the samsung moment its a great fone & sprint is now giving out upgrades to a 2.1 and now the moment is even better so won’t they be wasting there time by bring out the moment 2

  18. i have the moment and i went online and found the download for it, i followed the instructions and downloaded android 2.1 from the computer to the phone. i have been using it for a few months now with no glitches or problems. i was also told you can go to the store and they can manually update the device from there.

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