Pasen MID5 Packs Android In 5-Inch MID


The crazy kids at Pasen aren’t the type to get all creative with names – afterall, as Engadget points out, they’ve been creating knock-offable MP4 players for quite awhile. So when it came time to name their 5-Inch Android MID what did they name it? MID5… the Pasen MID5.


This time around the result doesn’t seem half bad (although I doubt they debated calling it the Pasen 2.5). The product page boasts full specs (below), and I’m particularly liking the support of a long list of media files, HDMI video out, and what SEEMS like long battery life. Of course the latter of those factors often gets called into question after real-life testing scenarios.

  • 5″ 16:9 touchscreen WVGA TFT 800*480 .
  • Can expand its functionality by installing any Android application .
  • Support for MP3 WMA WAV AAC OGG APE FLAC(8Kbps ~ 320Kbps).
  • Support for AVI MOV DIVX MPEG1 MPEG2 MPEG4 VCD DVD RM RMVB FLV H.264 XVID MKV up to 720p.
  • Support for images in JPEG,BMP,PNG and GIF format.
  • micro SDHC expansion slot(up to 32GB).
  • 7 Equalized curves (Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB)
  • Multi-tasking.
  • HDMI video out.
  • USB OTG.
  • Long battery life : 4.5 hours of video,10 hours of music,4 hours of internet browsing .
  • E-book reader
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • Built in speaker
  • File browser
  • CPU Rockchip RK2808
  • Dimensions : 128*84*13.3
  • 2300Mah battery
  • USB Cable
  • 220v charger
  • High quality earphones
  • Remote
  • Manual

Not too shabby! We’ve seen a handful of smaller companies take their shot at Android MIDs and tablets, but something tells me after the successful launch of the iPad, we’re poised to see some bigger names attack the Android MID/Tablet market.

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  1. looks like a rebranded version of the Ramos W7, that thing is taking forever to become available for purchase

  2. Why are none of the tablets running 2.1?

  3. It is not the same as the eluding W7 M.I.D. There is another MID Android China brand well 2 actually available now they are the Enos ZenPad 8G with wifi 3Gdongle and gps bluetooth for 240 shipping included only draw back resistive screen and the other is the ToFang Q5 Capacitive with all the bells and whistles for 293 before shipping all are 5in MIDS so, get to it.I ordered both.Also, there is an older 3boot MID by SmartQ thats 200 plus 15 to ship at its not to shabby I own it and the price is right.

  4. the Zenpad is vaporware, check engadget, it was a rebreanded SMiT 560, but it now turns out Enos never had a deal with SMiT

    i still think this is a rebranded W7, looks exactly the same

    never heard of that ToFang Q5, i do own a SmartQ5, with Covia’s Android 2.0 on it, works okish

  5. oh, and the W7 isnt ready yet, they’re still working on it, one of the testers is reporting back on the mp4nation forum

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